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Do not buy computers with Windows Vista!!!

Eric Bach Global-Report News 24.10.2007

If you are about to buy a new computer - DO NOT buy a computer with a Windows Vista. Buy ONLY computer with Windows XP Professional.

Automatic Reminders In Outlook

If you have Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/2003 you can quickly set reminders that don’t block off any time on your calendar. By creating a zero-minute appointment, Outlook will notify you of any recurring events without creating an annoying scheduli...

Web Site Shortcut

Shortcut icons for programs are extremely useful, and there are occasions where you may want Web sites to load just as easily. You can do this by creating a Web site shortcut.

Replace Fonts Dialog Box

Instead of manually changing your slides' text in PowerPoint you can make a blanket correction using the Replace Fonts dialog box.

Jumper For Joy

Jumper For Joy

Do-it-yourself external hard drive kits let you inexpensively turn old internal drives into fast backup units or extra storage.

Hard-To-Read Web Pages

Some Web sites and email messages are really hard to read. Whoever designed them may not have realized that some users have a hard time reading dark text on colored backgrounds.

Meet Meet

Meet Meet

When it’s simply impossible to physically gather an impromptu meeting, Microsoft Meet Now creates a “virtual office” for participants to instantly come together, present information, cooperate on documents, and share a program from one computer wi...

Excel Headers & Footers

You’re probably familiar with using headers and footers in Microsoft Word, but they’re also available in Excel.



You may already know by now that your computer needs not only antivirus protection, but also a software firewall and antispyware these days.

USB & FireWire

USB & FireWire

It’s so much nicer to be able to connect stuff to our computers using USB and FireWire than it was to rely on the old serial and parallel ports. Those required you to shut off your computer, hook up the peripheral, then reboot.

Wireless Network Security

If you’ve decided to beef up your wireless LAN’s security by enabling encryption, or typing in a longer, stronger key (also called a passphrase) for the encryption you have, here’s a tip. When you enter your router’s settings to make the changes—u...

Work Offline In Project 2003

Microsoft Project 2003 lets you work on a project even if you aren't connected to Microsoft Office Project Server 2003.

Stop Automatic Corrections

Microsoft Excel 2003's AutoCorrect feature can occasionally be a double-edged sword. Although it can be quite handy at catching embarrassing typos, there are occasions when AutoCorrect changes an entry against your wishes.

Better Hunting

Better Hunting

You can do more than simply finding specific words and replacing them with an alternative in Microsoft Word 2003.

Excel Date & Time Shortcuts

To enter the date or time based on your PC's current clock setting into an Excel spreadsheet cell, you can use keyboard shortcuts and avoid that embarrassing typo.

All Value, No Formatting

Excel is particularly adept at handling formulas for calculating complex formula but if you need to copy a particular result, you just want the value without the equation. If you have a cell that contains a formula, copy the cell with CTRL-C after...

Tailored Tips

Tailored Tips

At least one of Microsoft Office's strengths is its versatility across industries. People with a variety of jobs, from architects to travel agents, can usually find an Office application to help them work faster and more intelligently.

About Research Services

Thanks to the Microsoft Office System, doing general research, defining words, and even gathering stock quotes and company information is now available without leaving your Office application (Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio,...

Office Demos

Office Demos

Microsoft's Office Online Web site has volumes of tips that help you get the most from Office, including Office 2003 demos tailored to individual Office applications.

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