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Does Yahoo using Google search engine to generate results?

I was searching Japanese keywords, using Yahoo, and got the following error message from Google

Man convicted of sending penis photo by phone

Dave Graham, Catherine Evans Reuters 08.02.2008
Man convicted of sending penis photo by phone

BERLIN - A 21-year-old German man has been convicted of sending a photograph of his penis to an unknown woman via mobile phone, authorities said on Wednesday.

Two in three Australian travelers would consider a mid-air sexual encounter

(Reporting by Rob Taylor; Editing by Bill Tarrant) 22.01.2008
Two in three Australian travelers would consider a mid-air sexual encounter

Two in three Australian travelers are either members of the notorious Mile High Club or would like to be a member, a survey showed on Monday.

Restaurant in the sky

Eric Eric's Blog 18.01.2008
Restaurant in the sky

Anyone interested in having a unique dining experience? You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktail or invite your boss for a meeting 50 meters above ground in Belgium. The incredible dining experience is arranged by a professional event or...

Sometimes love REALLY hurts - When you're in love, you're in love

We need to tell you that there was some damage to the statue of the American Bison located in the Colorado Rockies. The attacker could not be dissuaded, and kept up his assault for eight hours. The incident even caused a traffic situation - gawkers!

Free Sex at Prague Brothel Tests Taboo as Reality Romps Hit Web

By Douglas Lytle and Yon Pulkrabek 16.01.2008
Free Sex at Prague Brothel Tests Taboo as Reality Romps Hit Web

If you want to watch Nick having sex with a prostitute, he's happy to let you. The 36-year-old bank-security technician drove eight hours from his home in Metz, France, to Big Sister, a Prague brothel where customers peruse a touch-screen menu of ...

Ted Haggard

Five days before the 2006 midterm elections, Mike Jones made the claim that evangelical leader Ted Haggard had paid him for sex, and that Haggard had been buying and using crystal meth. The next day Haggard resigned as the president of the Nationa...

Ever feel guilty about over-packing on your travels? George Bush will make you feel better

The United States President, who arrived in Sydney last night, brought not one Jumbo jet, but three, as well as another two aircraft that carry aircraft. The President's Jumbo has a back-up, and the back-up has a back-up.


By MICHAEL STARR nypost 28.11.2007
Judge Cristina idolizes the restraint of the old-time TV judges.

CRISTINA'S Court" Judge Cristina Perez draws on- air inspiration from an unlikely source - original "People's Court" Judge Joseph Wapner.

Nicolas Sarkozy and his boss, Mr. Ehud Olmert ? hehehe...

And... So what? How can a single person have the power, the intelligence and the media-control that he must have to be elected to such a position, without a little help from some hidden and powerful friends that needs him there as a puppet?

How the corruption works?

Got it by email And its not a joke! 27.11.2007
The big corruption eating the small USA

Warren Buffett

During an interview with NBC television, Mr Buffett brandished an informal survey of 15 of his 18 office staff at his Berkshire Hathaway empire.

Larry Himmel is CBS8 San Diego's neighborhood guy -- the personable reporter with the know-how, the hip tips, and just enough wackiness to make any story interesting -- a sort of Huell Howser of the deep southland. But in nearly 30 years of entert...

The Device might be your favorite gadget by far, not because its design or ingenuity but because of what it makes: beer.

Google GPhone Rumours Continue. Interesting

Eric Bach Global-Report News 23.10.2007
Google GPhone Rumours Continue. Interesting

Google Phone (or gPhone) is a potential mobile phone or smartphone speculated to be connected with search engine giant Google

Here's a tip: if you steal a printer used to print driver's licenses, don't call the manufacturer asking for driver

Man Steals Printer, Calls Tech Support, Lands in Jail. He needed those pesky drivers to get the printer to work. Hehe...