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Apple introduces the MacBook Air

Another year, another victory for Apple's tight corporate lips: There's been tons of speculation, but little in the way of hard facts about Steve Jobs' upcoming keynote. That said it has details about an "unbelievably thin" Mac laptop the company ...

Do not buy computers with Windows Vista!!!

Eric Bach Global-Report News 24.10.2007

If you are about to buy a new computer - DO NOT buy a computer with a Windows Vista. Buy ONLY computer with Windows XP Professional.

The Device might be your favorite gadget by far, not because its design or ingenuity but because of what it makes: beer.

Google GPhone Rumours Continue. Interesting

Eric Bach Global-Report News 23.10.2007
Google GPhone Rumours Continue. Interesting

Google Phone (or gPhone) is a potential mobile phone or smartphone speculated to be connected with search engine giant Google