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Texting while driving? Time to unplug

By Jill Serjeant Reuters 19.04.2008
Texting while driving? Time to unplug

Some call it the "secular Sabbath." For others it is "unplugged day." In Quebec, Canada, professional computer developers Denis Bystrov and Ashutosh Rajekar are organizing a global "Shutdown Day" in May.

Blogosphere sacred cows

By Rafe Needleman 15.04.2008
Blogosphere sacred cows

The 5 things you may not complain about (and 10 you may complain about)

Google Brain: Interactive search, based on AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is both the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science which aims to create it

Google AdSense: How AdSense works, Weakness, advantage and criticism

Google uses its search technology to serve ads based on website content, the user's geographical location, and other factors. Those wanting to advertise with Google's targeted ad system may sign up through AdWords. AdSense has become a popular met...

Does Yahoo using Google search engine to generate results?

I was searching Japanese keywords, using Yahoo, and got the following error message from Google

"Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you"

I understand the BIG BROTHER's interest to know all about me, my contact and the content i share with them in "private" mode. But...

Confirmed: Live Video On YouTube This Year

Meyers: “When are you guys gonna do live video on YouTube?” Chen: “2008. We’ll do it this year. “Live video is just something that we’ve always wanted to do, we’ve never had the resources to do it correctly, but now with Google, we hope to a...

EU aims to clarify legal status of IP addresses

By Paul Meller, IDG News Service 24.01.2008
Google hiding the fact that by crossing the IP address with information that they collect anyway about users, such as cookies, session, emails, bookmarks, search history etc., common users CANNOT protect their privacy against Google and the intelligence agencies that standing behind its activities (this is my comment and not part of the original article. Eric)

A European Parliament hearing on Google-DoubleClick ventured into murkier territory as it tackled the question of whether an IP address should be considered private data

Couple to sue subway over leaked kiss video

An incensed Chinese couple, videotaped hugging and kissing on a subway platform, plan to sue the subway's operator after the video was uploaded to Youtube and other Web sites, attracting thousands of hits

Teacher in 'soft-porn' YouTube video

By Chris Wilson 21.01.2008
Teacher in 'soft-porn' YouTube video

A teacher has been suspended after a clip of her apparently appearing in a raunchy video found its way on to the internet.

Facebook & Google, the most sucsesful spy projects

The US intelligence community's enthusiasm for hi-tech innovation after 9/11 and the creation of In-Q-Tel, its venture capital fund, in 1999 were anachronistically linked in the article below. Since 9/11 happened in 2001 it could not have led to t...

Microsoft spy technology causes uproar

The news that US software giant Microsoft is currently seeking a patent on a 'big brother' spy technology has caused uproar among workers unions.

Apple introduces the MacBook Air

Another year, another victory for Apple's tight corporate lips: There's been tons of speculation, but little in the way of hard facts about Steve Jobs' upcoming keynote. That said it has details about an "unbelievably thin" Mac laptop the company ...

Assessing 'social advertising'

Matt Cowan reports Reuters 01.01.2008
Assessing 'social advertising'

Facebook's new advertising system is seen as a test of how willing consumers are to accept ads on the most personal of media platforms

USB Wine

USB Wine

BREAKING: Massive amounts of malware redirects in searches

Alex Eckelberry (Thanks Adam Thomas) SunbeltBLOG 02.12.2007
Alex Eckelberry

SunbeltBLOG reporting: "A large amount of seeded search results which lead to malware sites".

Prediction From 1900 - what may happen in 2000 ?

Eric By John Elfreth Watkins JR. 30.11.2007
John Elfreth Watkins

How is the Google Intranet ("MOMA") Looks Like?

By Philipp Lenssen & Tony Ruscoe 30.11.2007
How is the Google Intranet ("MOMA") Looks Like?

Moma, that's the name for the Google intranet. Moma’s mission is prominently displayed on its footer: “Organize Google’s information and make it accessible and useful to Googlers.” A “Googler,” as you may know, is what Google employees call themse...

Samsung rolls out coolest 1TB drive

Samsung has begun shipping its F1 series 1TB hard drive promising the world's highest recording density using only three disks

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