Hong Kong health department recalls Teva drug

Hong Kong's Department of Health today ordered a recall of a batch of Allopurinol tablets made by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., after black substances were found on some tablets in two blisters of the product. Allopurinol is used to treat h...

Hong Kong Post to issue special stamps for Year of Dragon

Hong Kong Post will issue special stamps for the Year of Dragon on Jan. 14, 2012. It has issued special stamps to mark traditional Chinese Lunar New Year since 1967.

Hong Kong Pollution Link to 7240 Premature Deaths, Group Says

Roadside pollution in Hong Kong, which benchmarks itself against a 25-year-old air standard, contributed to about 7,240 premature deaths from 2005 to 2011, a public think tank said, citing data from an environmental index.

Is Hong Kong's pollution driving expats away?

Leah Hyslop Telegraph 13.01.2012
Is Hong Kong's pollution driving expats away?

According to a report published in The South China Morning Post earlier this week, air quality in Hong Kong was 10 times worse last year than in 2005, with pollution levels recorded at three roadside monitor stations above the “very high” mark mor...

Hong Kong to Monitor Fine Air Pollutants at Stations by March

Hong Kong will measure pollutants smaller than 2.5 micrometers at all its monitoring stations by March, as roadside smog reached a record last year.

Hong Kong wants to slap tax on garbage disposal

Environmentalists Wednesday welcomed plans for Hong Kong to introduce a "pay-as-you-throw" tax on rubbish disposal as the city moves to tackle a growing waste problem.

4 Things Hong Kong can learn from Taipei

Elmer W. Cagape Asian Correspondent 12.01.2012
4 Things Hong Kong can learn from Taipei

Every time I visit a city, I happen to find a distinction between it and Hong Kong. So when I and my wife paid a visit to Taipei recently, I made a personal vow to follow what I did with my observations in Seoul and Tokyo.

Asia Society Hong Kong Center -- The Hong Kong Jockey Club Former Explosives Magazine Opens to Public in February 2012

February 9, 2012 will mark the transformation of four former British military buildings in Admiralty into a cultural and educational hub by Asia Society Hong Kong (ASHK) Center, the premier provider of educational and cultural programs for 20 year...

Hong Kong air pollution at worst levels ever

Air pollution levels in Hong Kong were the worst ever last year, the South China Morning Post reported on Monday, a finding that may further undermine the city's role as an Asian financial centre as business executives relocate because of health c...

Hong Kong government offices hit by deadly bug

The bacteria that cause Legionnaires' disease have been found at several sites in the new Hong Kong government complex after one minister fell ill, in a major embarrassment for the authorities.

HK ushers in 2012 with spectacular pyrotechnic show

On New Year’s Eve (31 December), multi-colored “shooting stars” glided across the sky above Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, while a “golden dragon” spiralled up the iconic building Two ifc. These auspicious motifs created by pyrotechnics were part o...

Hong Kong school closed in bird flu scare

Sin Chew Jit Poh 17.12.2011
Hong Kong school closed in bird flu scare

A Hong Kong school was closed on Friday after a dead bird found in the southern Chinese city was tested positive for the deadly H5 strain of the bird flu virus, health officials said.

Hong Kong Global Geopark of China opens

HKSAR Government 15.12.2011
Hong Kong Global Geopark of China opens

The Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, officiated at the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China this evening (December 14).

Hong Kong Air Pollution ‘Very High’ in Central, Government Says

Hong Kong’s Air Pollution Index was “very high” at the city’s Central roadside-monitoring station, the Environmental Protection Department said on its website today.

Hong Kong's iconic harbor opens for swimmers

This weekend, a few of the harbor regulars will take part in the first Hong Kong Cross-Harbor swim, which has been resurrected after a 33-year hiatus over pollution concerns with the water.

HK fathers to get paternity leave

Phila Siu, Colleen Lee Hong Kong Standard 12.10.2011
HK fathers to get paternity leave

Dads are set to get paternity leave at last - and the elderly can expect a boost from HK$2-a-ride transport and HK$2,000 a month as a care subsidy.

Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents' Club Celebrates 100th Birthday of Reporting Legend

October 10th, 1911 marked the outbreak of the Chinese revolution. It also was the birthdate of a remarkable British woman, Clare Hollingworth, who would become one of the most prominent correspondents in the latter part of her life in Beijing and ...

Hong Kong Denies Visa to Kim Jong-il's Grandson

Kim Jong-nam The Chosun Ilbo 07.10.2011
Hong Kong Denies Visa to Kim Jong-il's Grandson

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's eldest grandson Han-sol is going to school in Bosnia because he was denied a visa in Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post reported Thursday.

Jason Beerman: How Hong Kong can avoid becoming Asia's landfill

If you don’t happen to live downwind from one of Hong Kong’s three gigantic landfills, you might not be aware that Hong Kong faces an acute garbage problem: our landfills will be full within a matter of years.

Hong Kong split over historic maids residency case

Beh Lih Yi 03.10.2011
Hong Kong split over historic maids residency case

Every Sunday, the public spaces and walkways of Hong Kong are jammed with Filipina and Indonesian domestic workers using their one day off to gather with their friends and fellow countrywomen. The gleaming skyscrapers of the financial hub are a fa...

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