China earthquake death toll rises to 55,740

People's Daily Online 24.05.2008
China earthquake death toll rises to 55,740

The death toll in China's major earthquake increased by 4,589 to 55,740 as of Friday noon, according to the Information Office of the State Council.

Did Pandas Sense the China Earthquake?

regory Mone Popular Science 24.05.2008
Can Pandas Sense Quakes?:  Photo by Flickr

Reports surface that a group of the animals acted strangely prior to the big quake

An elevated view of the earthquake site is seen in Beichuan, Sichuan province Thursday, May 22, 2008. The whole countyside was closed off on Tuesday after official warnings of fresh tremors. [Agencies]

Premier Wen Jiabao is back in Sichuan's earthquake-savaged counties again, and he reportedly has decided not to rebuild the largest town in Beichuan County destroyed by the quake on May 12. Sources said that the town's towers of rubble now will be...

Quake toll rises amid urgent plea for tents

THE toll of dead and missing from China's devastating earthquake has jumped to more than 80,000, while the government appealed again yesterday for millions of tents to shelter homeless survivors.

4,000-plus kids lose their parents

Li Xinran Shanghai Daily 23.05.2008
4,000-plus kids lose their parents

THERE are at least 4,000 children orphaned by the earthquake in Sichuan Province, a senior official of the provincial Civil Affairs Administration said yesterday.

Quake death toll rises to 55,239 in Sichuan alone

The quake death toll has risen to 55,239 in Sichuan alone as of 7 p.m., Thursday, said Li Chengyun, vice governor of Sichuan on Friday in Beijing.

Tibetan villagers show their appreciation for soldiers who brought relief supplies to the Tibetan ethnic village of Ganbao in the earthquake-hit Lixian county, Sichuan province May 22, 2008.  REUTERS/China Daily

CHENGDU, China (Reuters) - The onset of the rainy season is swelling dangerous "quake lakes" and compounding the difficulties of reconstruction after China's worst earthquake in decades.

Security chief applauds HK rescue team

Secretary for Security Ambrose Lee has hailed the Government volunteer search and rescue team for their work in helping Sichuan earthquake victims.

Bruce Lee's old home to be sold to raise money for quake relief, media reports

HONG KONG - News reports say Bruce Lee's former home in Hong Kong is being sold to raise money for earthquake relief efforts in China.

Japan pledges further aid to quake victims

Japan has pledged another US$1.7 million of relief aid for victims of the Sichuan earthquake. This brings to US$6.5 million the total amount contributed so far by Tokyo.

Elderly woman rescued after being buried under rubble for 196 hours. Photo: Reuters.

Forecasts of heavy rain over south-western China are threatening to disrupt earthquake relief efforts. The focus is shifting from rescue to the relief of the estimated five million people left homeless. Officials say another three million tents ar...

In appreciation: Hong Kong & Macau Affairs Office Director Cui Zhiwei (second from left) presents a banner to the Hong Kong search and rescue team.

The Sichuan Provincial People's Government thanks the Hong Kong search and rescue team for its work in the Sichuan earthquake disaster area.

Prime Minister Wen Jiabao with earthquake survivors in Beichuan, China. (Yao Dawei/Xinhua, via Reuters)

CHENGDU, China: He is widely known as "the crying prime minister," although he prefers to be called "Grandpa Wen." Over the past week, as Wen Jiabao toured earthquake-shattered towns and cities across northern Sichuan, he has hollered out words of...

'We are part of one Chinese nation'

People's Daily Online 21.05.2008
'We are part of one Chinese nation'

The official death toll of the massive earthquake which shattered Sichuan Province last Monday has risen to 40,075; and is estimated to surpass 50,000, according to the disaster relief headquarters under the State Council. Facing the merciless, un...

Soldiers feed milk to Song Xinyi, a 3-year-old earthquake survivor, in earthquake-hit Beichuan County, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, May 14, 2008. [Xinhua]

The death toll from last week's quake in Sichuan rose to 40,075 nationwide as of 6 pm on Tuesday, with 247,645 injured, the Information Office of the State Council said on Tuesday.

Doctors amputate arm of man buried for 179 hours

Yang Jian Shanghai Daily 21.05.2008
Doctors amputate arm of man buried for 179 hours

A MAN saved by Shanghai rescuers yesterday after being buried for 179 hours under earthquake rubble had his left forearm amputated in a Chongqing hospital this morning, Xinhua news agency reported today.

Slight increase in virus cases

Cai Wenjun Shanghai Daily 21.05.2008
Slight increase in virus cases

SHANGHAI reported 2,138 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease from last Monday to Sunday, a small increase over the previous week, the Shanghai Health Bureau said yesterday. There were no fatalities.

Roads are closed for Olympic torch relay

TRAFFIC controls will be in place on some roads in Shanghai on Friday and Saturday for the Olympic torch relay.

Italy donates 2.5 mln euro to China

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Italy has provided 1.0 million euros of money and 1.5 million euros of disaster relief materials to China, according to

98% victims likely to have residence in a month

The Sichuan government held a press conference yesterday, saying that it will try its best to build 98% of the earthquake victims a safe, affordable and comfortable home within a month, according to Chengdu Evening News.

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