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Tainted milk activist released from Chinese prison: reports

Chinese rights advocate Zhao Lianhai, who was sentenced to prison last month for helping families of victims of tainted milk to seek compensation, has been released on medical parole, a Hong Kong representative to China's legislature said Wednesday.

Activist to be granted medical parole

Zou Le, Teddy Ng Global Times 27.12.2010
Activist to be granted medical parole

An activist who was jailed for 30 months for inciting social disorder after trying to draw attention to the plight of children who had consumed melamine-tainted milk powder has been granted medical parole, some Hong Kong politicians said Sunday.

China bars political dissident access to lawyers

Sui-Lee Wee Reuters Africa 25.12.2010
China bars political dissident access to lawyers

One of China's most prominent human rights advocates, who was charged in June for subversion, has been denied access to his lawyers, a move that rights activists say sets the stage for a hasty and covert trial.

`Godfather' denies rape of Yunnan orphan, 12

Natalie Wong The Standard 29.11.2010

A social worker has pleaded not guilty to seven charges, including rape, unlawful sexual intercourse, gross indecency and indecent assault involving two girls at an orphanage he set up in Yunnan.

A Chinese father jailed after campaigning for victims of a tainted milk scandal missed an appeal deadline but has applied for medical parole, state-run media said Tuesday.

China sentences woman to labor camp for Twitter post

A Chinese woman has been sentenced to a year in a labor camp for retweeting a Twitter post that mocked Chinese protesters who smashed Japanese products during a recent demonstration, her fiance said Thursday.

Hundreds riot in southwestern China, dozens injured

A mass riot in southwestern China left dozens injured after angry villagers took to the streets in protest against a road construction project, Hong Kong media reported Thursday.

Man Held in China After 3 Children Murdered in Kindergarten Stabbing

Chinese police detained a suspect in the stabbing to death of three children at a kindergarten in eastern Shandong province, Xinhua News Agency reported, in the first such incident reported since Premier Wen Jiabao pledged in May to end school att...

Three detained in China over pro-Cantonese rally

Chinese police have confirmed the detention of three people for disrupting public order during a weekend rally in Guangzhou for the preservation of the region's Cantonese dialect.

China sentences Uighur to 15 years in prison for talking to foreigners

A Chinese court in the troubled western province of Xinjiang has sentenced an ethnic Uighur journalist to 15 years in prison for "endangering state security" by speaking to foreign reporters.

The night sky on fire: 2,000 firefighters battle inferno that blazed for 15 hours in China after TWO oil pipelines explode

Firefighters today [July 18] extinguished a fire that raged for more than 15 hours after two oil pipeline exploded at a Chinese port.

Moodys downgrades Ireland's rating

CIARA O'BRIEN The Irish Times 19.07.2010
Moodys downgrades Ireland's rating

Credit agency Moodys has downgraded Ireland's government bond ratings to Aa2, blaming banking liabilities, weak growth prospects and a substantial increase in the debt to GDP ratio.

Hostage taker shot by Chinese police woman! Raw video captured

An undercover policewoman shot and killed a hostage taker when the robber was distracted during a rescue race against the clock. The attempted robber held a woman hostage at knife point.on the street of Guangzhou on the 7th Jul 2010.

Mid-Air Dislocation Caused Amusement Park Tragedy

The Wall Street Journal 09.07.2010
Mid-Air Dislocation Caused Amusement Park Tragedy

A new breakthrough in the investigation of last week’s deadly theme park accident in Shenzhen reveals that one of the ride’s four-person compartments broke off from the ride’s axis at high-speed and smashed to the ground before being struck by thr...

Chinese police arrest heads of Hong Kong gambling ring

Police in China have arrested the kingpin of a multimillion-US-dollar gambling syndicate that took World Cup football bets from Hong Kong, a radio report said Tuesday.

China Jails U.S. Geologist for Eight Years Over State Oil Secrets Charges

A U.S. geologist was sentenced to eight years in prison by a Chinese court after being convicted of violating the state secrets law by selling a database on the country’s oil industry.

Amusement park accident kills 6 in southern China

An accident on a space-themed ride at a southern Chinese amusement park has killed six people and injured 10.

China court upholds 5-year sentence for activist

Christopher Bodeen The Boston Globe 10.06.2010
China court upholds 5-year sentence for activist

BEIJING—A court upheld a Chinese dissident's five-year sentence for subversion Wednesday after he investigated the deaths of children crushed in their schools during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

HK to hold its largest Mainland legal forum

Hong Kong will hold its largest ever legal services forum on the Mainland on July 6 in Shanghai to coincide with the Expo, with 400 people, mainly from Shanghai and nearby cities, expected to attend.

Dad chains up son in street auction

NICK PARKER The Sun 27.05.2010
Dad chains up son in street auction

A TWISTED dad chained his eight-year-old son to a lamppost and tried to AUCTION him to strangers.

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