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Pakistan gives America two-week ultimatum to abandon 'secret' airbase and closes border: Hundreds of Afghan-bound supply trucks line up as tensions mount

Nearly 300 trucks carrying supplies to U.S.-led troops in Afghanistan clogged the Pakistani border crossings Sunday, leaving them vulnerable to militant attack a day after Islamabad closed the frontier in retaliation for coalition airstrikes that ...

Iran: We'll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked

Iranian Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi said Israel would be attacked with 150,000 missiles if it launches any military action against the Islamic Republic, the Iran Independent News Service reported Sunday.

Saboteurs blow up Egypt gas pipeline to Jordan, Israel

Saboteurs blew up Egypt's gas pipeline to Jordan and Israel on Monday, witnesses and security sources said, a few hours before the country holds its first free election since President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in February.

Iran 'arrests 12 CIA spies' accused of targeting nuclear programme

An influential Iran parliamentarian has said that the country has arrested 12 agents of the American Central Intelligence Agency, the country’s official IRNA news agency reported.

Triple Bombings in South Iraq Kill 19, Injure 64

A string of bombings in a southern oil city killed 19 people Thursday evening and injured dozens more, a grim sign of the security challenges Iraq will face after American troops go home.

Six Children Are Killed by NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan

Six children were among seven civilians killed in a NATO airstrike in southern Afghanistan, Afghan officials said Thursday.

North Korea threatens South with "sea of fire"

North Korea threatened Thursday to turn Seoul's presidential palace office into a "sea of fire," stepping up its rhetoric one day after South Korea conducted large-scale military drills near a front-line island attacked by North Korea last year.

US to cease observing arms treaty with Russia: State Dept

The United States said Tuesday it would no longer provide data to Russia on conventional weapons and troops in Europe, citing non-compliance by Moscow with a two-decade old treaty that governed the information exchange.

Police burn protest tents to clear Cairo's Tahrir

MAGGIE MICHAEL and SARAH EL DEEB Yahoo! News 22.11.2011
Police burn protest tents to clear Cairo's Tahrir

Egyptian soldiers and police set fire to protest tents in Cairo's Tahrir Square and fired tear gas and rubber bullets in a major assault Sunday to drive out thousands demanding that the military rulers quickly transfer power to a civilian governme...

'Time has come' to act on Iran, Israel says

The "time has come" to deal with Iran, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Sunday, refusing to rule out military action to curb the Islamic republic's nuclear ambitions.

After Gaddafi son, spy chief captured

Alastair Macdonald and Ali Shuaib Reuters 22.11.2011
After Gaddafi son, spy chief captured

Abdullah al-Senussi, Libya's feared former intelligence chief, was cornered and captured at a remote desert homestead on Sunday, a day after Muammar Gaddafi's son was seized by Libyan fighters in the same region.

'Al-Qaida sympathizer' accused of NYC bomb plots

An "al-Qaida sympathizer" accused of plotting to bomb police and post offices in New York City as well as U.S. troops returning home remained in police custody after an arraignment Sunday on numerous terrorism-related charges.

Assad’s Defiance in Syria Spurs U.S., Allies to Discuss Steps as 12 Dead

Massoud A. Derhally and Viola Gienger 22.11.2011
Assad’s Defiance in Syria Spurs U.S., Allies to Discuss Steps as 12 Dead

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s declaration that he won’t “bow down” to international pressure is leading the U.S. and its allies to weigh their next steps amid reports that security forces killed 12 more protesters.

Crowds attack diplomatic missions in Syria: residents

Crowds armed with sticks and knives attacked the Saudi Arabian embassy in Damascus and French and Turkish consulates in the city of Latakia on Saturday after the Arab League suspended Syria, residents said.

Israel says Iran closer to atom bomb than thought

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday the full extent of Iran's nuclear program was not reflected in a recent U.N. report, which said that Tehran appeared to have worked on designing an atomic bomb.

London Olympic HQ built in secret for military

A TOP secret new SAS base is under construction — at the Olympics. It means the elite troops can combat any terrorists at next year's London Games in an instant, The Sun can reveal.

Attack on NATO convoy kills 17 in Afghanistan

Attack on NATO convoy kills 17 in Afghanistan

A Taliban suicide bomber rammed a vehicle loaded with explosives into an armored NATO bus Saturday on a busy thoroughfare in Kabul, killing 17 people, including a dozen Americans, in the deadliest strike against the U.S.-led coalition in the Afgha...

Syria's Assad warns of "earthquake" if West intervenes

Andrew Gilligan Telegraph 31.10.2011
Syria's Assad warns of "earthquake" if West intervenes

Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, has warned that Western action against his country would cause an "earthquake" that would "burn the whole region".

Gaddafi's driver on the endgame: 'He didn't seem to know what to do'

Huneish Nasr last saw the boss he served for 30 years standing in the ruins of Sirte looking confused as all hell broke loose around them.

Don't shoot! Muammar Gaddafi begged for his life after being dragged from a drain. Seconds later he was summarily executed

Colonel Gaddafi was executed by a frenzied mob of rebel fighters after pleading: 'Don't shoot, don't shoot!' The final humiliation for the man who had so brutally ruled Libya for 42 years came when he was hauled from his hiding place in a sewer. S...

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