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Introducing the Solar Tree

Jane Burgermeister RenewableEnergyAccess.com 29.12.2007
Introducing the Solar Tree

The streets of Europe could soon be lit by solar energy due to the fact that a solar tree prototype recently passed a key test phase. The solar trees went on display for four weeks in October on a busy street — the Ringstrasse — in Vienna, Austria...

World’s Biggest Building to Be Built in Moscow

Moscow’s rapidly growing skyline will soon feature an eye-popping new addition: Crystal Island, which will be the world’s biggest building when completed. Sir Norman Foster’s mountainous 27 million square feet spiraling “city within a building” wi...

Pencil Bench

Pencil Bench

Boex 3D Creative Solutions designed this award winning, quirky bench from a single conversation to see if they could incorporate an everyday office object into a piece of furniture. The seat is made up of 1600 pencils which are individually sprung...

No hangover with Maya Single Chair

Maya Single is a unique product specially designed and highly technical and that gives relief to your body and mind when you have a hangover. The inclined and comfortable armchair relaxes your back and the 26 or 32inch screen is positioned just at...

Numbers Clock

Numbers Clock

I'm generally pretty old-fashioned in my tastes, but one exception is my alarm clock -- the funkier and more modern the better! And this is a fun looking clock, with cubes representing each number that can be arranged however you want.

Perfectly brewed tea with the Penguin Tea Timer

So how would you like it if a cute lil' fella could brew that perfect cuppa everytime you need one and yet never complain about being overworked? Sounds too good to be true? Nope, considering that the man Friday we are referring to is the Penguin ...

Pure gold calendar unveiled

A calendar for 2008 made of pure gold was unveiled at Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K.'s flagship store in Tokyo's Ginza district Thursday. Tanaka Kikinzoku will begin taking orders for the ¥30 million (approx. $259,560) calendar Friday.

The Scooter Desk

The Scooter Desk

The ScooterDesk is a wheeled standing-aid with an included writing tablet. It serves as a mobile touch-down station for occasional short tasks such as filling out forms, checking data and browsing the net. It can also be made to order as a dual ve...

The Bookcase Bed

The Bookcase Bed

A bookcase that transforms into a bed. A mattress stands upright in four bits and forms the bulk of the bookcase. These surround five storage shelves which are suspended in mid-air by a wall mounted frame. The mattress sections are placed on the f...

Porsche/Poggenpohl's Man Kitchen

Porsche Design Group and Poggenpohl are collaborating on a kitchen "especially designed for men." "Our co-operation with Porsche Design enabled us to design a kitchen whose sleek and functional design language specifically addresses male customers...

Glass Toilets - when white porcelain just doesn’t do it

Dude, forget about those plain old boring toilet systems, what you really really need is a Glass Toilet in one of a number of tasteless…er…tasteful styles and designs.

Paro Double Wine Goblet

Designed in 1983 by by Achille Castiglioni, the leaded crystal Paro Double Wine Goblet marries two vessels into one graceful object. Used upside down or downside up, the inverted cones serve as the base and the bowl. Part of the permanent collecti...

DTV II Custom Showering Experience

The DTV Custom Showering Experience began with water, but this enhanced edition adds music, ambient lighting, chromatherapy and steam to provide each bather with a complete sensory experience in the shower. A sleek, intuitive digital interface con...

Janne Kyttanen: Dahlia Wall Sconce

Dahlia is inspired by the mathematics of nature and arrangement of flower pedals. It leaves an astonishing shadow on the surface where it is mounted and a very subtle light on the pedals. Dahlia works best in interiors when more sconces are repeat...

Jelly-fish 45 Habitat

Jelly-fish 45, designed by Giancarlo Zema is a floating dwelling unit for up to six persons. It's spacious dimensions are 10 metres high with a diameter of over 15 metres. The Jelly-fish 45 would be ideally situated in sea parks, atolls, bays and ...

Construction "Tools" for Eating Fun

Eating has never been so fun for little ones! This dinner set comes with a bulldozer pusher, fork lift fork, and front loader spoon. Designed with function and play value in mind, these "tools" have textured, easy grip handles and detailing that a...

Heat-Sensitive Wallpaper Changes Patterns When You Crank the Thermostat

This here is some fancy wallpaper that's heat sensitive, changing the pattern when the radiator comes on. It's a pretty sweet idea, and it looks cool, although I wonder if it goes from all to nothing like in these pictures or if it just stays in a...

Bend it Like Piegato: Flat Pack Shelving

Piegato is a sheet steel rack with a surprisingly high load capacity. The laser cut and powder coated sheet steel is been delivered almost completely plain, which results in a simple and cost effective transportation.

Your Personal Moon

Some Russian designers have started a production of a big, moon-shaped light-box calling this project a “Your Personal Moon”. Now anyone can get his own moon right in his apartment or his backyard.

Esquire North the ultimate Bachelor Pad Video Walkthrough

The Esquire North in NYC is being touted as the ultimate bachelor pad and is packed with technology and gadgets. The recently developed tri-plex penthouse apartment, built by “Esquire” magazine, overlooks Central Park in New York City and is wort...

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