Hong Kong Aims to Attract Foreign Campuses to Its Shores

Mary Hennock Chronicle of Higher Education 02.09.2010
Hong Kong Aims to Attract Foreign Campuses to Its Shores

In a former courthouse here, jail cells have been converted into offices and a courtroom adapted into a lecture hall. The unusual changes are part of the Savannah College of Art and Design's transformation of the North Kowloon Magistracy into its ...

Wired youth forget how to write in China and Japan

Like every Chinese child, Li Hanwei spent her schooldays memorising thousands of the intricate characters that make up the Chinese writing system. Yet aged just 21 and now a university student in Hong Kong, Li already finds that when she picks up ...

Teacher Assigns Students To Plan Terror Attack

Students at an Australian school were asked to plan a terrorist attack "to kill the MOST innocent civilians in order to get your message across" as part of a class assignment, Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported Wednesday.

Girls Bugged Teachers' Staff Room

A pair of mischievous Swedish schoolgirls ended up in court for bugging their teachers' staff room in a bid to get better grades, local media reported Tuesday.

Los Angeles unveils $578M school, costliest in US

Next month's opening of the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools will be auspicious for a reason other than its both storied and infamous history as the former Ambassador Hotel, where the Democratic presidential contender was assassinated in 1968. ...

Connecticut school mulls tracking devices for students

In the tony town of New Canaan, students might someday get tracking tags along with their textbooks. No decisions have yet been made, but school officials plan to look into the possibility of adding radio frequency tags to student or staff ID card...

Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age

TRIP GABRIEL The New York Times 03.08.2010
Sarah Brookover, left, a senior at Rutgers University in New Jersey, with Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic, a reference librarian.

At Rhode Island College, a freshman copied and pasted from a Web site’s frequently asked questions page about homelessness — and did not think he needed to credit a source in his assignment because the page did not include author information.

University of California considering online bachelor's degree programs

Nanette Asimov San Francisco Chronicle 13.07.2010
University of California considering online bachelor's degree programs

Taking online college courses is, to many, like eating at McDonald's: convenient, fast and filling. You may not get filet mignon, but afterward you're just as full. Now the University of California wants to jump into online education for undergrad...

Over two-thirds of Texas schoolchildren flunk state's physical fitness test

More than two-thirds of Texas schoolchildren flunked the state's physical fitness test this year, a troubling trend that doctors worry could get worse with the Legislature loosening the requirements for high school gym class.

New rules bring online piracy fight to US campuses

ERIC GORSKI Yahoo! News 02.07.2010
New rules bring online piracy fight to US campuses

Starting this month, colleges and universities that don't do enough to combat the illegal swapping of "Avatar" or Lady Gaga over their computer networks put themselves at risk of losing federal funding.

"Higher" Education in Jersey Could Mean Medical Marijuana Classes

Come next year, Rutgers University could be known as "Pot U." A New Jersey lawmaker who was instrumental in helping pass a medical marijuana law back in January is now suggesting that the state's premier university become a national center for res...

NYC Going After Teen 'Sexting' -- In The Home

Parents and schools struggle with the role technology plays in kids' lives. But a new push to keep them safe has some saying it goes too far. Schools now want to punish students caught "sexting" -- no matter where they do it.

Toy soldiers run afoul of school's weapons ban

Toy soldiers run afoul of school's weapons ban

Christan Morales says her son just wanted to honor American troops when he made a hat decorated with an American flag and small plastic Army figures. But the hat ran afoul of the district's no-weapons policy because the toy soldiers were carrying ...

Hong Kong university professor elected to premier International Academy of Comparative Law

Wang Guiguo, Dean of the School of Law at City University of Hong Kong (CityU), has been honored as a titular member of the International Academy of Comparative Law, CityU said Wednesday in a statement.

For Chinese, getting into Harvard is a class act

Barbara Demick Los Angeles Times 05.06.2010
For Chinese, getting into Harvard is a class act

The wealthy pay up to $300,000 for classes aimed at getting their child into an Ivy League school. English skills and extracurricular activities that are nothing short of impressive are a must.

Bridging the gap between Chinese speakers

Leong Weng Kam AsiaOne 26.05.2010
Bridging the gap between Chinese speakers

Thanks to an initiative by Singapore's top Chinese linguist Chew Cheng Hai, a global Chinese dictionary listing words and phrases used differently in different places was published about a week ago. The 1,112-page tome contains some 10,000 entries.

Schoolboy throws plastic bottle at France's Sarkozy

A schoolboy threw a plastic bottle at France's President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday during a visit to discuss violence in French schools, but failed to hit his target.

Aristotle's all Greek to Cambridge classicists as inscription by philosopher is misspelled on £1.3m building

If anyone should be able to get a Greek inscription right, it ought to be the Classics department at Cambridge University. But embarrassingly for the seat of learning, an error has crept into the inscription at the entrance to the department's new...

New Chinese children's book teaches love for house pets

A new textbook that helps teach the next generation how to love animals was recently introduced in primary and high schools in Xiamen, Fujian Province.

Teacher's brutal attack on boy, 13, at U.S. school posted on YouTube

A schoolteacher has been fired after she brutally attacked a 13-year-old pupil in front of a classroom full of students, according to US reports.

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