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Vladimir Putin mocks and dismisses protesters

Andrew Osborn Telegraph 16.12.2011
Vladimir Putin mocks and dismisses protesters

Vladimir Putin has mocked the tens of thousands of Russians who have protested against his rule in recent weeks, dismissing his critics as paid-up agents of the West.

Israeli officials say Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is doomed

Joel Greenberg The Washington Post 15.12.2011
Israeli officials say Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is doomed

In a shift, Israeli officials are welcoming the prospect that Syria’s embattled president, Bashar al-Assad, will be overthrown, an event Defense Minister Ehud Barak says could be weeks away.

Iran to exploit power vacuum as US quits Iraq: analysts

Patrick Markey Breitbart.com 15.12.2011
Iran to exploit power vacuum as US quits Iraq: analysts

The US withdrawal from Iraq will leave a power vacuum in the Gulf, analysts say, paving the way for Iran to increase its influence in this economic and politically strategic region, a concern echoed by America's Gulf allies.

Medvedev's Twitter obscenity provokes shock

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev caused shock and jeers on Wednesday after an obscene insult directed at political opponents appeared on his official Twitter feed.

Russia: Clinton playing politics

MJ LEE Politico.com 08.12.2011
Russia: Clinton playing politics

Russia lashed out at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wednesday, accusing her of attacking Moscow only to “impress her voters in the Democratic Party.”

Russian police arrest hundreds in anti-Putin rally

Dmitry Zaks and Laetitia Peron Yahoo! News 08.12.2011
Russian police arrest hundreds in anti-Putin rally

Russian riot police arrested hundreds of activists in central Moscow on Tuesday to stop a new protest alleging that elections were rigged in favour of Vladimir Putin's ruling party.

Hillary Clinton Urges Syria To Break Free From 'Dictator'

Hillary Clinton has urged the Syrian opposition to build a society that is free of the "whims of a dictator". The US Secretary of State spoke after meeting six members of the Syrian National Council, an exile group seeking to end the 41-year rule ...

Taiwan spy agency denies 'magnetic' attack

Taiwan's intelligence agency on Tuesday flatly rejected allegations that it had launched "electromagnetic wave" attacks against the running mate of an opposition presidential candidate.

Thousands protests against Putin after Russia vote

Several thousand people protested in central Moscow on Monday against what they said was a fraudulent parliamentary election, shouting "Revolution!" and calling for an end to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's rule.

Pakistan boycotts Bonn conference over NATO strike

Pakistan on Tuesday decided to boycott a key international conference on Afghanistan next month, widening its protest over lethal cross-border NATO strikes and exacerbating a deep crisis in US ties.

Kuwait cabinet resigns amid political crisis

Kuwait's cabinet has resigned after protesters and opposition deputies demanded that the prime minister step down over allegations of corruption, state-run television has reported.

Putin warns West as he launches presidential bid

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sternly warned the West not to interfere in Russia's elections, as he formally launched his campaign to reclaim the presidency in a speech Sunday before thousands of flag-waving supporters.

Islamists win most seats in Moroccan vote

Souhail Karam Reuters 28.11.2011
Islamists win most seats in Moroccan vote

Morocco's moderate Islamist PJD party won the most seats in the country's parliamentary election, final results showed Sunday, in the latest sign of a resurgence of faith-based movements since the Arab Spring uprisings.

Mubarak-era premier picked to lead Egypt's Cabinet

Egypt's military rulers picked a prime minister from ousted leader Hosni Mubarak's era to head the next government, according to state television, a choice that will almost certainly intensify criticism by tens of thousands of protesters accusing ...

Georgian president unveils monument to Reagan

Georgia's pro-Western president has unveiled a monument to Ronald Reagan in the capital of the ex-Soviet state praising the 40th U.S. president for "destroying the Soviet Empire."

Egypt's military promises to surrender power by next summer; Protesters reject concessions by military

Egypt's military ruler promised Tuesday to speed up a presidential election to the first half of 2012 and said the armed forces were prepared to hold a referendum on immediately shifting power to civilians—concessions swiftly rejected by tens of t...

Moscow martial arts fans greet Putin with catcalls

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was greeted by catcalls when he stepped into the ring after a mixed martial arts fight at a Moscow arena on Sunday night.

Spain election: Conservatives set to win landslide victory, exit polls show

Spain’s conservative party were set to win an overwhelming victory as the nation went to the polls to choose a government to steer the country through a looming debt crisis.

Mario Monti named Italy’s interim prime minister after Silvio Berlusconi resigns

With the clock ticking to pull Italy back from the brink of a full-blown debt crisis, the nation turned Sunday to a clinical-minded economist to take the reins of power after the resignation of its longtime playboy prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Venezuelans rally to show support for Hugo Chavez

Thousands of Venezuelans have turned out to show support for President Hugo Chavez and his plan to run for re-election next year.

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