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Mystery of break-ins in Amish community as robbers cut off hair and beards of victims

Members of the Amish community in Ohio are being investigated by the sheriff's department after several homes were broken into and the beards and hair of fellow Amish people were chopped off.

Bold thieves steal bridge

Eric Poole Ellwood City Ledger 07.10.2011
Bold thieves steal bridge

As the value of scrap metal — including copper and steel — increases, thieves have been becoming more daring and less respectful of institutions such as churches and schools.

Two scuba divers saved by passing yacht after charter boat left them to DIE at sea

Two terrified divers were left stranded in shark-infested waters when their charter boat disappeared. Paul Kline and Fernando Garcia Puerta had to cling to a buoy for two hours after surfacing from their late-afternoon dive in the Atlantic Ocean t...

Naked woman, 71, busted for car sex romp with man, 54

A naked 71-year-old woman and her equally clothes-free male companion, 54, were arrested last month for indecent exposure after a Michigan cop found them trysting in the back seat of a Buick Regal that was rocking gently and had its windows steame...

Teen burglar with saggy pants identified by his exposed red underwear

A suspected teenage burglar whose shorts fell down as he fled after being confronted last night on a Florida street was later arrested after a witness was able to identify him by his boxer shorts, police reported.

Italian Worshiper Tears Both Eyes Out at Mass

Greg Wilson NBC New York 04.10.2011
Italian Worshiper Tears Both Eyes Out at Mass

An Italian man tore both of his eyes out in the middle of the priest's homily at a church near Pisa, according to reports.

It's Obama Fried Chicken! OFC pops up in China... but can the President also match the secret recipe of Colonel Sanders?

Is Obama abandoning his bid for a second term in the White House and is giving Colonel Sanders a run for his money by opening a chain of fried chicken joints? Now that's change you can't really believe in. But in Beijing, China, a restaurant is ac...

Man Kills Himself In Front Of Colleagues After Being Fired

Burnsville police say a Northfield man who had just lost his job committed suicide in front of former colleagues by locking himself in his car and shooting himself in the head.

Man survives for days after car plunges off cliff

David Lavau's children drove slowly along the perilously curved mountain road, stopping to peer over the treacherous drop-offs and call out for their father, missing for six days. Then, finally, a faint cry: "Help, help." The voice from the wilder...

Man celebrating his birthday gets shot over $10 gift

Marcus K. Garner The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 01.10.2011
Man celebrating his birthday gets shot over $10 gift

Atlanta police are looking for a rude gift-giver who allegedly shot a man for refusing to return part of the birthday present.

Car Center Requires Customers to Recite Bible Verse to Redeem Coupon for Oil Change

A Collin County business offering customers a break on the price of an oil change is requiring a little more than just bringing in a coupon. Customers are being asked to quote a Bible verse, and some of them are finding out that if they won’t it w...


A cross-dressing dad nearly died after trying to chop off his penis in a DIY sex change op. Kirsty Cass got drunk and took a Stanley knife to his manhood after life as a male became unbearable.


Heidi, a cross-eyed opossum who became an internet sensation in Germany, winning three times more Facebook admirers than Chancellor Angela Merkel, is dead, her zoo said Wednesday.

These items were pulled from 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan after complaints about their resemblance to Adolf Hitler.

In Taiwan, 7-Eleven stores have pulled products featuring a cartoon vampire that bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler after receiving complaints from the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei (ISECO) for selling the items, accordin...

Florida Teen Murder Suspect Says She's a Vampire

Greg Wilson NBC Miami 28.09.2011

An 18-year-old Florida girl accused of helping lure a 16-year-old boy into a fatal trap says she's a vampire who has drunk the blood of her boyfriend.


A two-headed cat in Worcester, Mass., has twice the reasons for celebrating his recent birthday: It got him in the Guinness Book of World Records. The double-domed feline is named "Frankenlouie," and according to its owner, who only wants to be kn...


Every once in a while a dull, monotonous activity like fishing can suddenly become a heart-pounding adventure. Take Rupert Kirkwood, a 51-year-old veterinarian from Devon, England. He was lolling in his kayak for hours before he hooked a shark tha...

Fleeing driver calls police to tell them to stop chasing him

A Park City man accused of leading police on a 30-mile chase Thursday called dispatchers during the pursuit to tell them that deputies “needed to leave him alone.”

Man with broken leg survives 4 days in Utah desert

A North Carolina man crawled four days across the Utah desert after breaking his leg on a solo hike, inspired by a Hollywood movie about a man who cut off his own arm to save himself after being trapped by a boulder in the same canyon.

'First Irish case' of death by spontaneous combustion

A man who burned to death in his home died as a result of spontaneous combustion, an Irish coroner has ruled.

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