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In squalid Haiti camps, rape stalks women: Amnesty

An Amnesty report laid bare horrific accounts of rape in Haiti's squalid refugee camps a year after a devastating quake left many struggling to rebuild their shattered lives.

Greece follows U.S. example by building giant border wall to keep out illegal immigrants

The Greek government has unveiled plans to construct a wall along its 128-mile land border with Turkey in order to tackle the influx of illegal immigrants.

Fireworks in Sydney, ball drop in NY ring in 2011

BETH FOUHY Yahoo! News 01.01.2011
Fireworks in Sydney, ball drop in NY ring in 2011

Nearly a million revelers crowded New York's Times Square to witness the traditional dazzling ball drop, fireworks lit up Australia's Sydney Harbor and communist Vietnam held a rare Western-style countdown to the new year as the world ushered in 2...

Suspect package at US embassy to the Vatican was a false alarm

A suspect package found Wednesday at the US embassy to the Vatican, was a false alarm police officials said.

Haiti could devolve into civil war, says ex-leader

The crisis gripping cholera-ridden Haiti in the wake of disputed elections and a debilitating earthquake could devolve into civil war, the nation's former interim leader said.

Armenian police target teenage rock cult

When police officers arrived at 13-year-old Masha's home, searched her room and inspected her computer, it was not because they suspected her of any crime. Her offence was simply to be a devoted follower of the angst-ridden punk-rock subculture kn...

Fresh attacks on Christians mar Christmas

Fresh attacks against Christians marred the Christmas festival Saturday as church leaders condemned religious persecution and called for peace and reconciliation.

40 people lynched amid Haiti cholera fears: officials

Angry Haitian mobs have lynched at least 40 people in recent weeks, accusing them of spreading a cholera outbreak that has killed over 2,500 people across the country, officials said Wednesday.

WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange turns on everyone

JULIAN Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks, today launched a wide ranging series of attacks on both his enemies and allies as he defended his public and private conduct.

The wildly promiscuous lifestyle of WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange

The two women who say they were sexually assaulted by the WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange would never have complained to police if he had agreed to take an HIV test, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Greek police clash with anti-austerity protesters

Renee Maltezou and Yannis Behrakis Reuters 15.12.2010
Greek police clash with anti-austerity protesters

Greek protesters clashed with police and set fire to cars and a hotel in central Athens on Wednesday as tens of thousands marched against austerity measures aimed at pulling the country out of a debt crisis.

1,000 detained in Russia to prevent ethnic clashes

DAVID NOWAK Yahoo! News 15.12.2010
1,000 detained in Russia to prevent ethnic clashes

Fearing more clashes between racist hooligans and mostly Muslim ethnic minorities, police detained more than 1,000 people in Moscow and several other Russian cities Wednesday, after weekend rioting in the capital left dozens injured.

French motorists camp out as snow smothers Paris

Several thousand Parisians were forced to spend the night in emergency shelters or their cars, and transport remained chaotic on Thursday, after a blanket of snow fell on the French capital.

Julian Assange should be awarded Nobel peace prize, suggests Russia

Russia has suggested that Julian Assange should be awarded the Nobel peace prize, in an unexpected show of support from Moscow for the jailed WikiLeaks founder.

Egypt: Sinai shark attacks could be Israeli plot

ARIEH O’SULLIVAN Jpost 08.12.2010
Egypt: Sinai shark attacks could be Israeli plot

Egyptian officials say they have not ruled out the possibility that a fatal shark attack in Sinai on Sunday could have been a plot by the Mossad.

Foreign contractors hired Afghan 'dancing boys', WikiLeaks cable reveals

A scandal involving foreign contractors employed to train Afghan policemen who took drugs and paid for young "dancing boys" to entertain them in northern Afghanistan caused such panic that the interior minister begged the US embassy to try and "qu...

Heavy Snow Causes Severe Disruption in Europe

Heavy snow and subzero temperatures swept across Europe, killing at least eight homeless people in Poland, closing major airports in Britain and Switzerland and causing hundreds of highway accidents.

Swedish royal family hit by fresh Nazi allegations

Tony Paterson The Independent 01.12.2010
Queen Silvia, front, and her father, Walther Sommerlath, back row, in 1977

Sweden's royal family has been rocked by a new scandal which has exposed the hidden Nazi past of the Queen's father, only weeks after its reputation was shattered by lurid disclosures about the king's secret sex life.

Venezuelan president opens palace to homeless

Venezuelan socialist leader Hugo Chavez has invited 25 families made homeless by recent torrential rains to stay temporarily at the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas.

A fire caused by a lightning strike killed seven people -- including a 4-year-old child -- at a nursery school Christmas party in South Africa, a government minister said Saturday.

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