Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy Training Offered In Seattle

This summer Bennett Stellar University of Neuro-Linguistics & Hypnosis is offering a Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy Certification Program at a 16 day retreat. This program will consist of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master NLP, Hypnosis, Ti...

Evergreen state students stage sit-in in so-called fight for free speech

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Several Evergreen State College students have been sitting in front of the school's Student Affairs Office since Wednesday, and they appear to have no intention of moving any time soon.

UC hospital, campus workers authorize strike

San Francisco Chronicle 24.05.2008
UC hospital, campus workers authorize strike

OAKLAND -- Thousands of hospital and campus workers - from X-ray technologists to custodians - have authorized a strike as early as June unless the University of California pays them as much as others doing the same work elsewhere.

Creationism Creeps into U.S. Classrooms

Robin Lloyd LivesSience 23.05.2008
Creationism Creeps into U.S. Classrooms

One in eight U.S. high school biology teachers presents creationism or intelligent design in a positive light in the classroom, a new survey shows, despite a federal court's recent ban against it.

Nebraska Sixth-Grader Takes On the World

The Washington Post 22.05.2008
Nebraska Sixth-Grader Takes On the World

Standing onstage yesterday holding a big cardboard check representing the $25,000 college scholarship he had just won in the 20th annual National Geographic Bee, 11-year-old Akshay Rajagopal said: "It just feels like I'm really special."

Seattle school chief wants top quality schools

Allison Espiritu West Seattle Herald 21.05.2008
Seattle school chief wants top quality schools

Seattle students should have schools that prepare them for college, for work, and for life, not force them to look for another school system to find quality education, said Superintendent Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson last week.

On to next step: revising the way Washington teaches science

DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP The Seattle Times 17.05.2008
On to next step: revising the way Washington teaches science

SEATTLE — State officials, paid consultants and interested volunteers are making efficient progress toward revising the Washington science education standards but the leader of the committee managing the effort says their work may be wasted if thi...

Moshe Kai Cavalin, 10, takes a statistics class at the East Los Angeles College in California on May 2. The sophomore has an A-plus average. Damian Dovarganes / AP

DOWNEY, Calif. - With the end of another school year approaching, college sophomore Moshe Kai Cavalin is cramming for final exams in classes such as advanced mathematics, foreign languages and music. But Cavalin is only 10 years old. And at 4-foot...

NC community colleges halt illegal immigrant policy

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina's community college system reversed itself Tuesday and said it will no longer admit illegal immigrants until federal officials formally weigh in on whether it is legal.

8 reasons why this is the dumbest generation

Author Mark Bauerlein aims to provoke in his new book, "The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future" (Tarcher/Penguin). Do you agree? Take a look at eight reasons the Emory University English pr...

Seattle Public Schools drops controversial office

JESSICA BLANCHARD Seattle Post-Intelligencer 11.05.2008
Seattle Public Schools drops controversial office

After four years and a number of embarrassing public-relations gaffes, Seattle Public Schools plans to cut its controversial Office of Equity, Race and Learning Support as part of a central office shake-up.

Seattle schools chief unveils academic goals in new "strategic plan"

Seattle Public Schools would more than double the number of students meeting college-entrance requirements and vastly improve performance in science and math under an ambitious plan unveiled Wednesday by Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson.

Evans School hosts Microsoft forum about corporate giving

Local corporations make their brands known in the community by using advertising plastered on billboards, newspapers and store fronts, but students had the chance to inform themselves about another way corporations seek roots in a region.

BOISE, Idaho -- Wine producers in Idaho eager to learn how to produce a quality product might be able to get that kind of instruction much closer to home. Treasure Valley Community College, based just on the other side of the Idaho border in Ontar...

Fewer students choosing forestry

Nick Perry The Seattle Times 29.04.2008
Fewer students choosing forestry

Blame it on the lure of city life. The rise of environmentalism. The disconnect with nature. Whatever the reason, Washington students just don't seem interested in studying forestry anymore. The state may soon find itself without an accredited und...

A "sexual pervert"?

GREER, S.C. -- A pastor says that his 6-year-old son was given a disciplinary referral for making suggestive comments about a teacher, and now he is afraid the boy is being made out to be a "sexual pervert." Charlene and Malory Pinkney, of Greer, ...

Can Students Be Paid to Excel?

JENNIFER MEDINA The New York Times 06.03.2008
Ruth Lopez gives her student Abigail Ortega a certificate showing her earnings from test scores.

(...) School districts nationwide have seized on the idea that a key to improving schools is to pay for performance, whether through bonuses for teachers and principals, or rewards like cash prizes for students. New York City, with the largest pub...

Letters and memos written by and to Abraham Lincoln are seen at the University of Rochester in Rochester, N.Y. Richard Baker / University of Rochester via AP

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Barely a year into the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln suggested buying slaves for $400 apiece under a "gradual emancipation" plan that would bring peace at less cost than several months of hostilities.

Survey Finds American Teenagers Ignorant on Basic History and Literature Questions

Fewer than half of American teenagers who were asked basic history and literature questions in a phone survey knew when the Civil War was fought, and one in four said Columbus sailed to the New World some time after 1750, not in 1492. The survey r...

Michelle Malkin: Superbug in the Classroom

Do you know what math curriculum your child is being taught? Are you worried that your third-grader hasn’t learned simple multiplication yet? Have you been befuddled by educational jargon such as “spiraling,” which is used to explain why your kid ...

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