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Town Bans Sidewalk Smoking, Threatens $1,000 Fines

GREAT NECK, N.Y. - A village on Long Island's "gold coast" is banning smoking on public sidewalks in front of businesses. Violators could face a $1,000 fine.

Pentagon aide found in landfill tied to arson attempt

John Shiffman and Kathleen Brady Shea 06.01.2011
Pentagon aide found in landfill tied to arson attempt

Police in Delaware have discovered evidence that a former Pentagon aide may have been involved in an attempted arson days before his murder, a law enforcement source has told The Inquirer.

Cops: Former Bush Official Killed, Found in Landfill

Delaware Police are investigating the apparent murder of a former Bush official who also championed the fund-raising effort to build the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

US Navy opens investigation into raunchy videos

The Navy has opened an investigation into how a series of raunchy videos, full of sexual innuendo and anti-gay remarks, were produced and shown to the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise while on deployment supporting the wars in Iraq and ...

Jumping New York jewel thieves get away with over $500,000

Police released video footage on Wednesday of three robbers they said jumped from one Manhattan building to another to loot over $500,000 in jewelry from a store on Christmas Day.

5 dead in Florida motel carbon monoxide poisoning

JENNIFER KAY Yahoo! News 29.12.2010
5 dead in Florida motel carbon monoxide poisoning

Five young men who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a South Florida motel room were constant companions who acted like brothers and even went shoe shopping together before Christmas so they all would have the same pair, relatives said Tuesday.

Indefinite detention possible for suspects at Guantanamo Bay

Peter Finn and Anne E. Kornblut The Washington Post 25.12.2010
Indefinite detention possible for suspects at Guantanamo Bay

The Obama administration is preparing an executive order that would formalize indefinite detention without trial for some detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but allow those detainees and their lawyers to challenge the b...

Scare for President Obama after man leads police on high-speed chase through security checkpoint near Hawaii holiday home

President Obama was involved in a security scare after a man led police officers on a high-speed chase through a security checkpoint near his Hawaii holiday home.

NY Gov. Paterson fined $62K for taking free Yankees tickets

The state’s top ethics watchdog slapped Gov. Paterson with a whopping $62,000 fine this morning for accepting free World Series tickets last year from the New York Yankees.

Falling refrigerator kills worker

Ryan Haggerty Journal Sentinel 15.12.2010
Falling refrigerator kills worker

A 33-year-old man who was part of a crew renovating an apartment on Milwaukee's west side was killed Tuesday when he was struck by a refrigerator his co-workers threw from the building, a Milwaukee police spokeswoman said.

US may pass new law to prosecute Assange

David Usborne The Independent 13.12.2010
US may pass new law to prosecute Assange

Anger at Julian Assange continues to consume much of Washington this weekend, and a first formal hearing on Capitol Hill over options for prosecuting him could come as early as next week. Yet a claim made by one of the WikiLeaks founder's lawyers,...

Man Possibly Linked To Publicist’s Murder Commits Suicide

The brutal slaying of a Hollywood publicist took another bizarre twist Wednesday evening when a man police went to question in the case shot and killed himself in the lobby of a Los Angeles residential hotel.

Murdered Hollywood publicist was gunned down by 'expert marksman', coroner reveals

Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was shot dead by an expert marksman, it was revealed today. An initial coroner's report showed the movie industry stalwart's injuries were consistent with a professional 'hit'.

Student gunman dies from injuries

BY CHARLES DAVIS Green Bay Press-Gazette 30.11.2010
Student gunman dies from injuries

The 15-year-old Marinette High School student who held 23 students and a teacher hostage has died. The gunman, identified by Marinette Police Chief Jeff Skorik as Samuel Hengel of Porterfield, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at 10:44 a.m., ...

San Francisco bans sitting, lying on sidewalks

Claudia Cowan FOX News 30.11.2010

A new law targeting those who hang out, and lie down, on the sidewalks and streets of San Francisco has some asking whether this city, known for its "love thy neighbor" attitude, has perhaps decided some neighbors aren't welcome.

Mask-wearing protestors in Washington, D.C. can now be arrested

Freeman Klopott Washington Examiner 29.11.2010

Wearing a mask while protesting outside a residence without telling D.C. police first could now get you arrested.

Smile, if you're in downtown Houston: Homeland Security picking up tab for 250-300 surveillance cameras

The city is installing 250 to 300 cameras at downtown intersections in an effort to prevent and fight terrorism and crime, part of a security initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Jury convicts former US House majority leader Tom DeLay in money laundering trial

AUSTIN, Texas – The heavy-handed style that made Tom DeLay one of the nation's most powerful and feared members of Congress also proved to be his downfall Wednesday when a jury determined he went too far in trying to influence elections, convictin...

Former Obama Adviser Arrested On Child Sex Charges

A New Jersey congressman has fired his chief of staff -- a former Obama aide -- after the aide was arrested in Maryland on a charge of soliciting sex from a minor.

California Man Had Bomb Factory In His Home, Say Prosecutors


A California man accused of robbing banks and assembling what may be the largest cache of homemade explosives ever found in the U.S. was ordered held on $5 million bail Monday.

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