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Chinese Director Tsui Hark on His Decades-Long Journey to Make ‘Detective Dee’

Tsui Hark has been trying to make a movie about the historical Tang Dynasty official Di Renjie since the mid-1980s. After two decades worth of research and working on other films, he finally began writing his script in 2000 only to find that his c...

Cher Defends Son Chaz Bono’s Decison To Join Dancing with the Stars On Twitter

Cher has taken to Twitter to defend son Chaz Bono’s decision to join the cast of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Madonna, Polanski films vie for Venice limelight

Mike Collett-White Reuters 01.09.2011
Madonna, Polanski films vie for Venice limelight

The Venice film festival promises a pop superstar and a whiff of scandal Thursday, with Madonna presenting her second feature and Roman Polanski notable by his absence at the world premiere of his new picture.

ABC receives complaints about Chaz Bono's addition to 'DWTS'

"Dancing With the Stars" aims for provocative casts, and Chaz Bono's addition to the show has already yielded strong reaction -- some of it ugly. Bono, the only child of Sonny Bono and Cher, was born a woman but legally changed his gender and name...

Ron Artest, Chaz Bono, Nancy Grace on new "Dancing With the Stars"

The new cast of "Dancing With the Stars" has been revealed. ABC says the 13th season of the hit show will feature a mix of actors, athletes and TV personalities.

Donnie Yen Offered A Role In The Expendables 2

Katey Rich Cinema Blend 24.08.2011
Donnie Yen Offered A Role In The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 is already set for an August 17 release date next year, which gives new director Simon West less than a year to assemble the most ass-kicking men he can find, equip them with weapons, and film the madness as it unfolds. But even ...

Ridley Scott To Direct New 'Blade Runner' Installment

MIKE FLEMING 19.08.2011
Ridley Scott To Direct New 'Blade Runner' Installment

After revisiting his classic Alien with the upcoming 3D Fox film Prometheus, Ridley Scott is committing to direct and produce a film that advances his other seminal and groundbreaking science fiction film from the past. Scott has signed on to dire...

'American Idol' Creator Sues Fox For Millions in 'X Factor' Money

TV’s most-watched show exploded into litigation today as American Idol creator Simon Fuller sued Fox claiming he should be paid a rich fee for the upcoming Simon Cowell competition show The X Factor.

Special focus on Hong Kong's "wu xia" films at 10th New York Asian Film Festival

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) has presented a special focus, "Wu Xia: Hong Kong's Flying Swordsmen", at this year's festival.

Arnold Books 'Last Stand': Western To Test Schwarzenegger's Post-Scandal Popularity

The Lionsgate project has been off, then on, then off, and now on again. The studio in May had been on the verge of announcing that Arnold Schwarzenegger was starring in its long-in-development Western titled Last Stand, set up as the English-lang...

Watch Meryl Streep Kick Off Oscar Season in First Teaser for The Iron Lady

“One simply has to maximize your appeal. Bring out all your qualities. Make you look and sound like the leader that you could be,” says one political advisor to an off-screen Meryl Streep-as-Margaret Thatcher in the first teaser for The Iron Lady....

Again? Tracy Morgan under fire for 'retarded' jokes

James Hibberd Entertainment Weekly 01.07.2011
Again? Tracy Morgan under fire for 'retarded' jokes

Tracy Morgan has landed in hot water yet again, this time for a stand-up show during which he mocked “retarded” kids and “cripples.”

Spielberg fired Megan Fox for Hitler comment

Megan Fox and her former co-star Shia LaBeouf have each shared their views on why the actress was replaced in the upcoming “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” and now director Michael Bay is having his say.

Director: Mao's Omega watch not product placement

MIN LEE Sacramento Bee 21.06.2011
Director: Mao's Omega watch not product placement

The propaganda film "Beginning of the Great Revival" naturally is a prime advertising opportunity: It's a star-studded film that's overtaken movie screens in China, a coveted market with 1.3 billion people.

Feds Bust $25M Indie Film Scam 18.06.2011
Feds Bust $25M Indie Film Scam

The feds released info today that FBI and IRS agents this week arrested and charged 18 people who now face fraud and money laundering charges relating to a telemarketing "boiler room" scam that solicited $25 million in so-called investments in ind...

Hong Kong film industry honoured at Italian film festival

The Hong Kong film industry received another mark of international recognition on June 11 (Italian time) when director and producer Mr Peter Chan received a Special Career Award at the 9th Asian Film Festival in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Hong Kong's first Pineapple Underground Film Festival

A film festival for indie filmmakers by indie filmmakers, featuring censored Chinese movie "The Debts"

Sarah Palin film to get nationwide release in US

After debuts in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina later this month, the pro-Sarah Palin film “The Undefeated” is headed for nationwide release.

Simon Cowell Fights Claims Britain's Got Talent is fixed

SIMON Cowell has sensationally gone to cops over internet allegations that Britain's Got Talent has been RIGGED for angelic Ronan Parke to win.

Tang's role in Chinese propaganda film in doubt

"Lust, Caution" star Tang Wei's role in a Chinese propaganda blockbuster as the first love of Communist China's founding father, Mao Zedong, has reportedly been dropped, raising the prospect that the actress is still suffering backlash after playi...

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