In Reversal, Gas Prices Creep Up

CLIFFORD KRAUSS The New York Times  06.01.2009
In Reversal, Gas Prices Creep Up

HOUSTON — The five-month slide in gasoline prices has come to an abrupt halt, with gasoline rising by several cents in recent days amid indicators that the national average could jump to $2 a gallon or higher this spring.

Russia cuts off natural gas to Ukraine

Megan K. Stack Los Angeles Times  02.01.2009
Russia cuts off natural gas to Ukraine

Moscow -- Russia's state natural gas monopoly halted exports to Ukraine on Thursday in a dispute that could interrupt supplies to other European countries -- and taps into the deep animosity between Russia and its pro-Western neighbors.

Retail gasoline prices drift to 58-month low

CHRIS KAHN My Way News 27.12.2008
Retail gasoline prices drift to 58-month low

Retail gasoline prices tumbled Friday to the lowest level in nearly five years. And while crude futures rose, analysts believed it was a temporary pause in an extended, downward arc as the recession spreads.

HK Electric cuts tariffs

Nickkita Lau The Standard 17.12.2008

Hongkong Electric customers will get a 5.9 percent reduction in tariffs from January 1 - but they'll still be paying 35.6 percent more than China Light and Power users.

Suzlon to up its stake in German wind power firm

New Delhi (IANS): Suzlon Energy, the world's fifth leading and India's largest wind turbine manufacturer, Tuesday announced that it will invest about 270 million euros (about $369 million or Rs.17.56 billion) to hike its stake in German wind power...

Drop in petrol prices fails to douse inflamed emotions

Timothy Chui The Standard 16.12.2008

Hefty price cuts announced by three of the city's four petrol companies have failed to allay concerns that the cost of petrol in the territory is still well above world prices.

Taxi drivers protest over petrol pricing

Taxi drivers have staged a protest outside the Legislative Council against they say is the unfair way oil companies set petrol prices.

Scrutiny pays as petrol prices drop

Timothy Chui The Standard 21.10.2008
Scrutiny pays as petrol prices drop

Oil companies yesterday cut the price of petrol after Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau Tang-wah on Sunday revealed plans to publicize fuel-price tracking from as early as next month.

India hopes to attract over $4bln in green energy

Biman Mukherji, Krittivas Mukherjee Reuters India 07.10.2008
India hopes to attract over $4bln in green energy

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India is hoping to attract investments of more than $4 billion in renewable energy over the next 5-7 years, as it prepares to unveil a new biofuels policy within a month, renewable energy minister Vilas Muttemwar said.


Timothy Chui and Bonnie Chen The Standard 24.09.2008

Customers of CLP Power expecting bills to be about 10 percent cheaper are in for a shock - they will see only a 3 percent cut in prices when new tariffs come into effect next month.

New deal on power could help put Soko Islands dolphins in the pink

An international green group hopes the scrapping of plans to build a power plant on the Soko Islands will breathe new life into a move to create a marine park for the endangered pink dolphins.

Expert backs Soko LNG plan

The Standard 08.09.2008

The territory's power supply will be more secure if a planned liquefied natural gas terminal on the Sokos Islands goes ahead, according to an energy expert.

Fuel bills set to fall

Bonnie Chen and Benjamin Scent The Standard 29.08.2008
Fuel bills set to fall

Cheaper electricity bills and cleaner air may be on the way under a deal to boost the amount of power the mainland pumps into Hong Kong's power grid.

Consumers likely to see cuts in energy tariffs spread over several years

Energy tariff cuts being hammered out between the government and the power companies are likely to be spread out over a few years as a result of a lower profit ceiling, according to an energy specialist.

Tax on big cars raised to save fuel

Xin Zhiming China Daily 14.08.2008
Tax on big cars raised to save fuel

Taxes will be raised on big cars and reduced on smaller ones from Sept 1 to save energy and reduce pollution.

Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau. Photo: RTHK

The Environment Secretary, Edward Yau, says the government will need more time for negotiations, before deciding whether to allow CLP Power to build a liquefied natural gas terminal on one of the Soko islands.

Nuclear fallout as EDF pulls £12bn British Energy deal

Robin Pagnamenta and Siobhan Kennedy Times Online 01.08.2008
Sizewell B power station, in Suffolk (Kieran Doherty/Reuters)

Two major shareholders in British Energy are understood to have vetoed the £12 billion bid by French energy giant EDF which threw the Government's nuclear programme into chaos last night.

Arctic May Hold 90 Billion Barrels of Oil, U.S. Says

The Arctic may hold 90 billion barrels of oil, more than all the known reserves of Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Mexico combined, and enough to supply U.S. demand for 12 years, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Shippers protest at SKorea exit ban on tanker crew

SEOUL (AFP) - Two officers from a Hong Kong supertanker have been banned from leaving South Korea despite being cleared of blame for the country's worst oil spill, world shipping organisations complained Wednesday.

Iran discovers oil field: minister

The Straits Times 20.07.2008
Iran discovers oil field: minister

TEHERAN - IRAN has discovered an oil field with in-place reserves of 525 million barrels, Oil Minister Gholamhossein Nozari was quoted as saying on Sunday.

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