now TV Launches KMTV Channel Exclusively In Hong Kong

Music Indistry News Network 29.11.2010

PCCW's now TV and KMTV Asia Pte. Ltd. announce the exclusive launch of KMTV, a premier K-pop channel, on now TV's channel 558.

Jimmy Lin: Happy as long as he has food to eat and songs to sing [VIDEO]

Little Fatty, Taiwan's young singing sensation, talks about his newfound fame, that haircut and the joy that comes from being given bigger portions of food

Susan Boyle simultaneously tops charts in US, UK

Singing sensation Susan Boyle has a No. 1 album in the United States and the U.K. simultaneously for the second time in a year — a feat not achieved for more than 40 years.

Minnesota Mom Hit With $1.5 Million Fine for Illegaly Downloading 24 Songs

What's the value of a song? Jammie Thomas-Rasset has spent the last few years in court debating that question. The Minnesota mother of four is being penalized for illegally downloading and sharing 24 songs on the peer-to-peer file-sharing network ...

Michael Jackson: SONY Sets Dec 14 Release Date for 'New' CD

This “Breaking News”–also the title of the first single from Michael Jackson‘s new album, written and produced by Eddie Cascio. Sony Music just sent out a cover picture for Michael Jackson‘s album — called “Michael”– set for December 14th.

British pop singer commits suicide at Belgian music festival

George Arbuthnott and Peter Allen Daily Mail 22.08.2010
British pop singer commits suicide at Belgian music festival

A British pop singer climbed up a satellite mast and plunged to his death after playing in front of a sell-out crowd. Charles Haddon’s fatal fall took place hours after a girl had been injured by another member of his group diving off the stage.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler falls off stage again

Etan Vlessing Reuters 19.08.2010
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler falls off stage again

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler may be "American Idol"-bound, but he's taken another tumble on stage -- this time in Toronto.

Children 'at risk from pop charts porn' from the likes of Lady Gaga says Kylie Minogue's former producer Mike Stock

The man who helped launch the career of Kylie Minogue yesterday condemned modern pop culture for 'sexualising' youngsters.

Birds force Kings of Leon from St. Louis stage

Pooping pigeons forced the Kings of Leon to abandon their St. Louis, Missouri, concert after just three songs Friday night, the rock band's management said Saturday

Underground Heavy #4, Hong Kong's Hardest Summer Metal Show

Following the UndergroundHK's exclusive Hong Kong performance of Danish one-man-band Prins Nitram, MusicDish*China is pleased to be sponsoring Underground Heavy #4, Hong Kong's definitive summer show of metal and moshing.

World's oldest opera singer dies at age 98

The world's oldest opera singer, Cantonese Opera star Luo Pinchao, has died. He was 98.

Chemphe To Perform YMCA World Conference In Hong Kong

Flexnald Owusu-Mante/ 13.07.2010
Chemphe To Perform YMCA World Conference In Hong Kong

After being appointed by the Africa Alliance of YMCA as the Ghanaian Music Icon to champion a developmental innovative youth programme dubbed “Subject to Citizens”which was a major aspect of the Africa YMCA Conference held in Accra a couple of mon...

Prince - world exclusive interview: Peter Willis goes inside the star's secret world

(...) After a transatlantic dash I arrive at the hotel to find Shelby Johnson, one of Prince's backing singers, waiting to drive me down the road to his Paisley Park base - a name that's as synonymous with Prince as Neverland was with Michael Jack...

A-Mei hits right notes at Chinese Grammys

Taiwan's pop diva A-Mei scooped top honors at the 21st Golden Melody Awards, dubbed the Chinese-language Grammys.

Jackson Five Surprise! 273 New Tracks Discovered

Roger Friedman Showbiz411 23.06.2010
Jackson Five Surprise! 273 New Tracks Discovered

Howard Mann, the Toronto entrepreneur who bought a warehouse full of Jackson family paraphernalia, has a surprise for Michael Jackson fans and the singer’s estate.

Shakira & Black Eyed Peas Perform at the FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 [VIDEO]

Shakira performed "Waka-Waka (This Time for Africa)", the official song of the FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 in South Africa on June 10, 2010. Black Eyed Peas sang their hit "Tonights Gonna Be".

Radiohead frontman: Music industry on verge of collapse

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is warning the music industry is on the brink of collapse, insisting young musicians should resist signing record deals because the major labels will "completely fold" within months.

Whitney Houston looks bloated and sweaty as she delivers another disappointing show

It was billed as a triumphant comeback, but Whitney Houston's tour is not exactly panning out that way. The 46-year-old singer, who looked bloated and sweaty on stage, delivered another disastrous performance in Denmark over the weekend.

Eurovision 'Fraeulein Wunder' cheers grumpy Germans

With the eurozone in crisis, government coffers bare, the national football team in trouble and even the weather awful, victory in the Eurovision Song Contest gave Germany a rare reason for cheer Monday.

Elton John performance in Morocco raises outcry

HASSAN ALAOUI and ALFRED de MONTESQUIOU Yahoo! News 27.05.2010
Elton John performance in Morocco raises outcry

A concert by Elton John has tested the limits of Morocco's drive for modernity, probing this Muslim nation's complex and ambiguous attitudes toward homosexuality like rarely before.

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