James Bond fanatic creates underwater car

Stephen Adams Telegraph 15.02.2008
James Bond fanatic creates underwater car

Q would have been proud - 30 years after James Bond disappeared under the waves in a specially adapted Lotus, car designers have done it for real. Cinema audiences gasped as Roger Moore's 007 took his white Lotus Esprit for a surprise dip to evade...

Top Fave' Concept Cars from Detroit Auto Show

Concept car displays are like haute couture fashion shows, the exhibited items rarely go into mass production. The followings are my personal favorites displayed at the Detroit Auto Show this week.

Virginia Considers Ban On Driving While Texting

Anita Kumar The Washington Post 13.01.2008
Virginia Considers Ban On Driving While Texting

RICHMOND -- Some Virginia lawmakers want drivers to take their thumbs off the keyboards and put them back on the steering wheel while cruising down Virginia's roads. The General Assembly, which began its 60-day session Wednesday, is considering a ...

India unveils Tata Nano, world's cheapest car

Ashling O'Connor The Times 10.01.2008
India unveils Tata Nano, world's cheapest car

It is 3 metres long, seats four comfortably or five at a squeeze, does 65mph and aims to revolutionise travel for millions. The “People’s Car” is also the cheapest in the world at 100,000 rupees (£1,300) – the same price as the DVD player in a Lexus.

What's the Worst Place in a Car to Put an LCD?

Benny Goldman Gizmodo 09.01.2008
What's the Worst Place in a Car to Put an LCD?

What do geeks do at a car show? Check out the LCD screens, of course. We just got back from the car showroom at CES and found some pretty awful examples of "pimping your ride." Take a look at the most ridiculous places these gearheads put their sc...

India offers cheapest car on Earth

Anand Giridharadas International Herald Tribune 09.01.2008
Ratan Tata, chairman of the Tata Group, said his car's light weight made it environmentally friendly.

MUMBAI - There was the $400 airplane seat that plummeted to $40. Then there was the $2,000 laptop reborn for $200. And now the $25,000 car has a $2,500 cousin. Every now and again in business history, a disruption comes along that breaks the conve...

GM introduces driverless car at CES

DETROIT - Cars that drive themselves — even parking at their destination — could be ready for sale within a decade, General Motors Corp. executives say. The most significant obstacles facing the vehicles could be human rather than technical: gover...

Revolutionary air car runs on compressed air

Mike Aivaz and Muriel Kane The Raw Story 05.01.2008
Revolutionary air car runs on compressed air

BBC News is reporting that a French company has developed a pollution-free car which runs on compressed air. India's Tata Motors has the car under production and it may be on sale in Europe and India by the end of the year.

Super-rich make marque on Rolls Royce

Bojan Pancevski Telegraph 30.12.2007
Super-rich make marque on Rolls Royce

The Rolls-Royce may have been the epitome of luxurious motoring for more than 100 years, but for a new breed of super-rich oligarchs and Middle-Eastern royalty, it seems a standard version of the world's most famous car is no longer enough.

The world's ugliest car: Aurora

JERRY GARRETT The New York Times 23.12.2007
The world's ugliest car: Aurora

“I ALWAYS wanted to own a dream car,” said Andy Saunders, 44, who has a flair for customizing cars. “But others had already bought all the dream cars.” So Mr. Saunders settled, instead, for a nightmare.

British drivers who use mobile phones face jail

David Millward, Christopher Hope Telegraph 20.12.2007
Police now check mobile phone records after road collisions to see if the driver was making a call

Motorists caught using a hand-held mobile phone while driving could be jailed for two years under tough new guidelines issued today by prosecutors. Drivers who adjust sat-navs, tinker with MP3 music players such as iPods or send text messages at t...

BMW X6 to debut at Detroit

Alex Nunez Autoblog 17.12.2007
BMW X6 to debut at Detroit

BMW's big Detroit debut will be the production X6 Sports Activity Coupe (unsurprisingly, BMW avoids the somewhat unbecoming "SAC" acronym), which will be arriving in US showrooms sometime during the second quarter of 2008. When it does, buyers get...

18,000 cars sold during Bangkok International Motor Expo 2007

More than 18,000 vehicles valued at over 18 billion baht have been booked for sale during the 12-day Motor Expo 2007 which ended today. Total purchases of auto spare parts at the Expo amounted over Bt3 billion. Bookings for Toyota cars stood first...

Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang to star in new Knight Rider series

Jalopnik writes: "Sources with the involved companies tell us this is the real car -- the actual car to be used in the show. (...) Now not only do we have off the record confirmation from the "involved parties" that KITT will lose the GM third gen...

1953 Ferrari 340 MM

Old-timers that nobody would expect to be worth this much.

Ukrainians build wooden car

When Vasily Lazarenko began tinkering, he had a vision: build a wooden car. And apparently, it was a case of double vision. The resident of Chernovtsy, Ukraine, fashioned half of the body with a retro look and the other half with more modern styli...

Robocar 2057 – Visualizing smart cars for a robotic future

What would the cars of future look like? May be like robots! This is what the design challenge at the Los Angeles auto show reveals to us. Robocar 2057 is the theme of the fourth edition of an event created by famed designer Chuck Pelly.

Is the VW Space Up! Interface developed by Apple?

Nice interior huh? And how 'bout that 7-inch touchscreen display slapped onto the center console. Pretty sweet right? You're looking at the inside of VW's third iteration of their Space Up! -- the Space Up! blue -- just revealed at the LA auto show.

A study in luxury: the Maybach Landaulet

Maybach has lifted the wraps on a luxury landaulet based on the 62 S saloon. The one-off Maybach Landaulet study lets passengers enjoy the open-air via a retractable roof that electro-hydraulically disappears into the rear-parcel shelf in 16 secon...

Nissan’s ingenious NV200 Van Concept

One of the challenges in writing stories for an emerging technology magazine is to avoid continuously using the word ingenious, but the NV200 to be shown by Nissan at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show is exactly that. The shell of a vehicle is by nece...

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