Putin Test Drives Europe's Cheapest Car, Takes 5 Attempts To Start

Russian PM Vladimir Putin has a hard time starting up the "Lada Granta," marketed as Europe's "cheapest car." This happened during a visit to the Autovaz car plant in Samara region.

Nissan To Fix 5,300 Leaf Electric Cars

Jonathan Welsh The Wall Street Journal 19.04.2011
Nissan To Fix 5,300 Leaf Electric Cars

Nissan Motor Co. says it is conducting a service campaign on 5,300 Nissan Leaf electric cars in the North American, Japanese and European markets to fix a potential software flaw that could keep the vehicles from restarting after they are turned off.

Chevy Recalls Cruze After A Steering Wheel Falls Off

Jonathan Welsh The Wall Street Journal 12.04.2011
Chevy Recalls Cruze After A Steering Wheel Falls Off

Imagine turning your car’s steering wheel, or giving it a gentle tug, and having it break away from the steering column. Now you’re speeding along holding the suddenly useless wheel. It sounds like a vision from a cartoon, or every driver’s night...

EU to ban cars from cities by 2050

Bruno Waterfield Telegraph 29.03.2011
EU to ban cars from cities by 2050

Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years.

Spider infestation leads to recall of 65,000 Mazdas

Chris Woodyard USA Today 03.03.2011
Spider infestation leads to recall of 65,000 Mazdas

Under the heading of strangest recalls ever, Mazda today is weaving the most bizarre of all: 52,000 Mazda6 in the U.S. are being recalled because of possible spider webs. The fear is that they can lead to blockages that will eventually cause fuel ...

Consumer Reports: GM's Volt 'doesn't really make a lot of sense'

Consumer Reports offered a harsh initial review of the Chevrolet Volt, questioning whether General Motors Co.'s flagship vehicle makes economic "sense."The extended-range plug-in electric vehicle is on the cover of the April issue — the influentia...

Hong Kong's Waning Influence on the Luxury Car Market

A crowd of shoppers gathered, eagerly snapping photos with their cell phones and cameras at the Hong Kong Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. But it wasn’t a celebrity they were trying capture.

Nissan LEAF to Arrive in Hong Kong by April

Nissan LEAF deliveries are off to a slow crawl in both the US and Japan. Despite this, an advanced supply of electric vehicles are reportedly going to ship to Hong Kong soon. According to a recent Detroit Free Press article, Nissan has agreed to f...

Car tech dazzles at Consumer Electronics Show

Automakers are taking a drive into the future at the Consumer Electronics Show. The annual event is traditionally a showplace for mobile phones, computers and television sets but car makers are grabbing a lot of attention this year with the latest...

Hemp drives green vehicle prototype; Calgary firm’s material will make lighter electric car

Nathan Armstrong envisions a day when drivers will be rolling up to the curb in a car powered by an electric motor and covered with a body made from hemp.

Swede faces world-record $1m speeding penalty

A Swedish motorist caught driving at 290km/h (180mph) in Switzerland could be given a world-record speeding fine of SFr1.08m ($1m; £656,000), prosecutors say.

Bio-Bug: Car run on human waste is launched

Laura Roberts Telegraph 07.08.2010
Bio-Bug: Car run on human waste is launched

A car that runs on methane gas produced by human waste has been launched and its makers claim drivers cannot tell the difference.

Tesla gets first customers in Japan, Hong Kong

Tesla Motors says it has delivered its Roadster electric car to the first customers in Japan, Hong Kong, Poland, Turkey and Canada.

BMW unveils new concept car in Hong Kong

BMW new Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car is unveiled for the first time at the Atrium of International Finance Center in Hong Kong, south China, July 9, 2010. The company also announced its commitment to build a greener earth through the late...

American Express offers pricey Porsche special in Hong Kong

Ask anyone with the Centurion card from American Express and they'll tell you black is the new gold. The new platinum, even. Now the exclusive credit card has launched a special edition Porsche, just for card holders.

Recession? What recession? [PHOTO]

Mr. Jo Stetten 08.06.2010
Recession? What recession? [PHOTO]

So, it seems that this "global recession" has not impacted negatively on everyone. Check this out!

MyCar, electric car from Hong Kong

Sophie He The Standard 06.06.2010
MyCar, electric car from Hong Kong

"A small car from Hong Kong will take a big step forward." With those words, EuAuto chairman Peter Sun Kwok-wah introduced to the United States an electric car conceived and made in Hong Kong.

Mitsubishi rolls out new electric car in Hong Kong

Japan's Mitsubishi Motors unveiled its i-MiEV electric car in Hong Kong on Thursday, its first foreign launch of the vehicle as competition accelerates in the clean-energy auto sector.

Auto Show Sets World Record Attendance Figure

Chu Daye 03.05.2010
Auto Show Sets World Record Attendance Figure

More than 800,000 people visited Auto China 2010, which wrapped up on Sunday, making it the best-attended motor show in the world, organizers say.

BMW puts giant billboard on top of Audi showroom in Hong Kong

And we thought the turf wars between Audi and BMW only covered the US and Europe. Now, it looks like the rivalry has gone global after BMW re-popped Audi with a resoundingly emphatic billboard.

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