In Pictures: Huge Rural Chinese Wedding Banquet

Here’s a set of pictures that are doing the rounds on a number of Chinese forums and bulletin boards of a recent wedding banquet from the Shunde district of Foshan city in the Guangdong province.


In honoring an ancient tradition that the bride’s feet shouldn’t touch the ground during the journey from home to the ceremony, a Chinese couple got married in mid-air in two tractor digger buckets.

5 Reasons Why Single Men Fear Commitment

Jeff Cohen yahoo 26.05.2008
5 Reasons Why Single Men Fear Commitment

You've been with your boyfriend for several months or years and you're sitting in a restaurant for girls' night out. The inevitable question arises as you bite into your first jumbo shrimp: "Why hasn't he asked you to marry him yet?" Cocktail sauc...

51st Summer Wedding Expo 22.05.2008
51st Summer Wedding Expo

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