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Nina's dead because of Chan, says sister

Nickkita Lau The Standard 06/09/2009 03:59
Nina's dead because of Chan, says sister - Nina Wang - Tony Chan

The younger sister of Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum yesterday accused fung shui master Tony Chan Chun-chuen of encouraging the late billionaire to undergo fertility injections, which may have brought on the cancer that eventually killed her.

Testifying in the Court of First Instance in the probate battle between Chinachem Charity Foundation and Chan for Wang's assets, Molly Gong Zhongxin recalled her brother Kung Yan-sum telling her that Chan had attended medical school in Canada but terminated his studies after allegedly committing a blunder - a claim Chan later denied in a statement.

Gong, a doctor in the United States, claimed there was an 80 percent chance Wang's ovarian cancer was due to 15 years of oestrogen injections.

Gong said she only learned of the injections when she accompanied Wang to Harvard University Hospital for cancer treatment in February 2004.

Her medical record also mentioned that Wang wanted to make a clone in Italy, but Gong was not sure whether Wang put her thoughts into action. Gong said her brother, who is also a practicing doctor, jumped with surprise when he learned of the injections, saying he would not even approve a low dosage.


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