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Cool Cafe Bathrooms in Hong Kong

Amy Ma The Wall Street Journal 10/26/2010 01:12
Bathroom in the Cafe Gray Deluxe, Hong Kong

Bathroom in the Cafe Gray Deluxe, Hong Kong

The humble restaurant washrooms of Hong Kong and Macau aren’t all so humble, thanks to the work of designers both local and international. Here are a few that warrant a dedicated visit, with or without that extra glass of wine.

1. Felix
Perhaps the best-known loo in Hong Kong, the Philippe Starck-designed men’s room features a line of urinals that faces a floor-to-ceiling window for a 28th-floor view of the harbor. Felix, 28/F Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, Tsim sha tsui, Hong Kong

2. Hutong
Love was the inspiration for this restroom, created around a wedding theme by Aqua Restaurant Group’s design team. The entrance to the women’s room is made from a restored bridal sedan dating to the late Qing dynasty. A beaded curtain mirrors the beaded veil of a Chinese bride’s traditional headwear. Inside, a faint red light emits an eerie, yet romantic, vibe, recalling an ancient bed chamber.
Hutong, 28/F One Peking Rd, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

3. Café Gray Deluxe
Design-world darling Andre Fu is the man behind the stunning bathrooms here at the Upper House Hotel. A long line of wooden stalls leads your vision directly to the focal-point sink at the end of the room, which looks out on equally amazing views whether you’re in the men’s or women’s room.
Café Gray Deluxe, 49/F The Upper House, Admiralty, Hong Kong

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