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Dutchman Aims to Take Longest Ice Bath [VIDEO]

CBS News 12/30/2010 04:39
Wim Hof of the Netherlands

Wim Hof of the Netherlands

A 51-year-old Dutchman took a dip in some ice water in Hong Kong Wednesday to raise awareness for climate change and promote his plans to break a world record.

Guinness World Record holder Wim Hof of the Netherlands, who's also known at the Iceman, immersed himself in a tank of ice water for about five minutes wearing only a swimsuit, the Reuters news agency reported.

Hof set the Guinness record for staying in ice water at 1 hour 44 minutes in January, Reuters reported. However, the Guinness website only lists Hof as the record holder for running the fastest half-marathon barefoot on ice or snow. (2 hours 16 minutes 34 seconds on Jan. 26, 2007)

The site lists Chen Kecai of China as the record holder for full body contact with ice. (1 hour 48 minutes 21 seconds on March 14)

Wednesday's event also promoted Hof's plans to set the record at 1 hour and 50 minutes on New Year's Eve, Reuters reported.