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Amnesty: Egypt still abusing human rights

BEN HUBBARD AP 05/20/2011 02:10
Amnesty: Egypt still abusing human rights - Egypt - human rights - Africa

Egyptian authorities continue to restrict freedom of assembly, torture detainees and try civilians in military courts, highlighting the urgent need for reform, Amnesty International said Thursday.

In a report released about human rights abuses during and after the Egyptian uprising that pushed President Hosni Mubarak from power on Feb. 11, the London-based rights group called on Egyptian authorities to overhaul the country's security forces to ensure accountability and prevent future violations.

Meanwhile, Egypt's military rulers announced late Wednesday that they are suspending prison sentences for 120 people who participated in protests following the revolution.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said sentences of up to seven years imposed by a military court will be reduced to one-year suspended sentences. It wasn't clear what the 120 protesters were charged with.

The council also denied using gunfire to break up sit-ins that have continued since Mubarak's ouster.