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US Wants Mailmen To Thwart Terror Attacks

Eric Scheiner CNS News 06/15/2011 16:16
US Wants Mailmen To Thwart Terror Attacks

As the United States Postal Service looks at ways to cut budgets and deal with declining revenue, the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers is going against the grain by suggesting the agency should be increasing the services offered, including thwarting terrorists.

President of The National Association of Letter Carriers Fredric Rolando, has several ideas to increase the responsibility of some postal workers. Among them is to outfit postal trucks with sensors so letter carriers can thwart biological terrorist attacks, according to recent reports.

Rolando testified before Congress in March of 2011 that there were lots of ideas for new services that could be provided “adding to what letter carriers already do to protect community and national security."

The role of letter carriers could be greatly changed according to Rolando. During a December 19th, 2010 interview on CNN he said, “They would be the first ones on the scene for disasters and so forth, weather issues. Because they’re the first ones in there, the only ones that can get in to every neighborhood on a daily basis. There’s things they could do with sophisticated scanners because they go everywhere.”