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Is It Time For ‘Dining Time Limit’ In NYC Restaurants?

CBS New York 08/25/2011 21:32
Is It Time For ‘Dining Time Limit’ In NYC Restaurants? - lifestyle - dining - NYC - USA

It is a timeless experience, but not in a good way. You wait and wait in a packed restaurant for your table, but nobody gets up to leave. However, according to a new survey many diners say it’s time for a change.

You’ve seen it a million times: someone or a group of people hogging a table for two hours. It’s almost like you want to get their attention, point to your watch and say, “hey, tick-tock, dude.”

On Wednesday, CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport spoke to some annoyed diners that said they just wish more people showed common decency.

“I wish they would move along and leave so I can sit down,” one person said.

That seems to be the sentiment of many restaurant goers these days. A nationwide Zagat survey of diners says 60 percent of foodies favor putting time limits on people eating at restaurants during peak hours.

“I agree because then you give everyone a chance to sit there,” one person said.

If done, it would eliminate the seemingly endless wait for tables created by lingering customers and their marathon-like meals.