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New measures to attract more HK students to mainland

People's Daily 08/28/2011 02:31
New measures to attract more HK students to mainland - Hong Kong - China - education

Hong Kong students aspiring to study in China's mainland may soon have their exam pressure lessened, as the Chinese central government last week unveiled relevant measures including pilot open admission programs by some universities.

Sources in local education circle believe the new move, which was one of the 36 measures to promote Hong Kong's economic and social development announced by Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang during his visit on Aug. 16-18, will help facilitate local students to seek higher education in the mainland.

"The new measure will definitely increase students' interest in studying in mainland which will do good not only to their personal development, but also to the exchange and integration of the two places," Principal of Heung To Middle School, Wong Chung Leung said, adding that he has met quite a number of local students who had expressed their wiliness to study in mainland universities.

Under the pilot project, as of 2012, Hong Kong students will be exempted from Joint Entrance Examination for universities in mainland, with some universities being entitled to directly enroll Hong Kong high school graduates based on their test results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE).

Before the new measure, Hong Kong students who intend to study in mainland universities are subjected to the JEE, which mismatches the teaching syllabus of Hong Kong high schools, Wong told Xinhua.

Those hopefuls for mainland universities have to prepare for both the local college entrance exam and the JEE, shouldering more pressure, Wong added.

The new policy relieved the Hong Kong students from the stress, enabling them to concentrate on HKDSE, Wong added.