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Video Shows NYPD Cops Dirty Dancing at Parade

LINDA SCHMIDT My FOX NY 09/13/2011 22:05
Video Shows NYPD Cops Dirty Dancing at Parade - USA - NYC - video - New York - police

An online video shows some men who appear to be uniformed NYPD officers enjoying the festivities at the West Indian Day Parade. But some are criticizing what the men were doing, especially since some shootings took place during the parade.

The annual West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn, which took place September 5, 2011, is always colorful. It celebrates the culture of the Caribbean islands.

A video has surfaced on a website called worldstarhiphop.com that shows what appear to be cops in uniform dirty dancing with scantily clad women who were part of the parade.

Someone at the parade took plenty of video of the officers having a good time. While these officers were having fun gunfire broke out along other portions of the parade route.