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Maggie Cheung promoting Hong Kong cinema in London

Xinhua 09/17/2011 00:18
Maggie Cheung promoting Hong Kong cinema in London - Maggie Cheung - entertainment - UK - movie

Hong Kong Film Week kicked off on Monday in London, and Maggie Cheung is there to translate. As an actress who spent much of her childhood growing up in England, she is making every effort to promote the Film Week. The hope is to hold an event that can offer a brief view of Hong Kong films to the English people.

The event will introduce five celebrated Hong Kong films, opening with "Overheard 2", a mystery thriller co-directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong. Other films showing are "Echoes of the Rainbow", "Ip Man", "Love in a Puff" and "The Beast Stalker."

Maggie Cheung says that she hopes the event will give people in London the chance to take in a whole range of films so that they can really get a feel for what Hong Kong cinema is about.

Maggie Cheung said, "It's concentrated in one place and under one program, people can really think 'ok I'm going to dedicate my week, some evenings, to watch in a row, these kinds of movies to understand'."

The actress also feels that people tend to go for certain types of Asian films and that they should try to be open to all genres.