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Is this the saline bag which killed Michael Jackson? How doctor tried to hide vials and drip containing 'milky white substance'

John Stevens and David Gardner Daily Mail 09/30/2011 23:29
Is this the saline bag which killed Michael Jackson? How doctor tried to hide vials and drip containing 'milky white substance' - Michael Jackson - USA - entertainment - celebrity - crime

Conrad Murray broke off from trying to resuscitate Michael Jackson to order a bodyguard to hide bottles of drugs, jurors heard today. The star's doctor allegedly told Alberto Alvarez to stash away drug vials and a surgical drip bag containing what appeared to be propofol, an anaesthetic meant only to be used in hospitals. Murray, 58, is charged with causing Jackson’s death by accidentally administering a fatal dose of the anaesthetic while trying to help the singer combat his chronic insomnia.

Mr Alvarez explained how he went into Jackson's bedroom on June 25, 2009, to find Murray carrying out CPR on the prone star.

It was the first time Murray had performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in his life.

Mr Alvarez also told how Jackson's terrified daughter Paris screamed out 'Daddy' as she came face to face with her father's dead body.

The 11-year-old cried out in horror as she stood close to his bed with Jackson's lifeless face pointed in her direction, the singer's bodyguard told the court at Dr Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial today.

Mr Alvarez was the first person to reach Jackson's bedroom after his doctor urgently called for help. He said the doctor instructed him to help hide medicines before calling 911.

He said he was sat in his security trailer when he got a call from Jackson's assistant asking him to rush to the singer's bedroom without creating a 'commotion'.

When the bodyguard got to the room on the second floor of the LA mansion, he said Murray called to him 'Come, come quick'.

He said that Murray was giving chest compressions with his left hand to Jackson who was lying on his bed.

The singer was lying on his back with his hands to his side with his palms up, and his mouth and eyes open, the bodyguard told the court.

He said that as Murray told him that they needed to get Jackson to hospital he noticed Paris Jackson crying inside the room.

Murray shouted: 'Don't let them see their dad that way', before Mr Alvarez ushered her from the room, reassuring her that 'everything will be OK'.

Mr Alvarez said when he asked Murray what had happened he said that Jackson had 'had a bad reaction'.

He said that he was told by the doctor to gather medicine vials before calling emergency services.

Alberto Alvarez said Dr. Conrad Murray grabbed the vials form a night stand next to Jackson, who was still in his bed. 'He said "here, put these in a bag".' said Mr Alvarez.