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Russia publishes 'Comandante Fidel' memoirs

Breitbart.com 10/18/2011 18:37
Russia publishes 'Comandante Fidel' memoirs - politics - Book - Fidel Castro - Russia

Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov presented Monday a state-funded translation of the veteran Cuban leader Fidel Castro's memoirs, praising "Comandante Fidel" as a "most competent" statesman.

"Comandante Fidel is profoundly respected in our country," Russia's top diplomat said, presenting the two-volume memoirs released by the ministry's publishing house.

"A patriot of his country, he is largely known as one of the most competent statesmen and politicians of our era," Lavrov said.

"Fidel Castro is still full of energy and continues his activities as a thinker," he told ambassadors of Latin American countries at a ceremony in Moscow.

After years of silence and rumours of ill health, Castro published his memoirs in August 2010, written with a team of journalists and historians.

The hardbook memoirs by the leader, known for his verbose speeches, top 1,200 pages in Russian. The two volumes are titled "Strategic Victory" and "Strategic Counter-Offensive."

The book by Castro, 85, is being released with an initial print run of just 2,000 copies in Russia.

The Russian foreign ministry also held a small exhibition of photographs and memorabilia.