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Hong Kong canto-pop queen Joey Yung is the new face of Bossini's latest Toy Story collection

TODAYonline 11/27/2011 00:39
Hong Kong canto-pop queen Joey Yung is the new face of Bossini's latest Toy Story collection - Bossini - Hong Kong - Fashion - Joey Yung

Sure, we all have some Toy Story collectible somewhere in our homes, but the time couldn't be riper for the launch of Bossini's brand-new Toy Story collection. After all, Asia's only Toy Story Land opened its doors at Hong Kong Disneyland last Friday.

Bossini teamed up with Disney to create fresh and stirring togs for ladies, men, boys and girls; and the Hong Kong brand invited famed canto-pop luminary Joey Yung to front this campaign. (The bubbly actress-singer lent her vocals for the Cantonese version of Toy Story 3 earlier this year.) Which was why we were in Hong Kong earlier this month, not only to witness this special partnership at the official Toy Story Pop-Up Store in Bossini in Mong Kok, but also to catch up with Yung.

What does Toy Story mean to you?

Joey Yung: I have a special affinity with the characters in Toy Story as I have been doing a lot of Toy Story-related projects. I really like all the characters in the movie and I feel that the characters brought out a lot of energy and honesty. This is the first animated film I've seen in 10 years so it left a very deep impression on my mind.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Bossini for this Toy Story collection.

This is my second time working with Bossini. When I joined the entertainment industry 10 years ago, I was working alongside Nicholas Tse for a Bossini campaign. At that time, I wasn't familiar with the responsibilities a spokesperson has to uphold and the things one has to do. When Bossini first approached me for this Toy Story campaign, the management gave me confidence and the art direction for this collection was excellent. I feel that Bossini has sincerity, which was why I agreed to take on this job.

What are some of your favourite items out of this collection?

I like the Slinky Dog scarf and Jessie's rope, which also doubles as a scarf (both unfortunately are unavailable in Singapore). I also have my eyes on this tunic that I'm wearing (the limited edition oversized three-eyed Alien tunic), because I like the colours and bright-coloured outfits.

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