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Peninsula Hotels will ban the shark soup

Hotel Business News 11/28/2011 20:11
Peninsula Hotels will ban the shark soup - dining - The Peninsula - food

One of the leading hotel chains in Asia - Peninsula Hotels - will refuse from cooking the famous Chinese delicacy shark fin soup in its restaurants. In the hotel restaurants belonging to the Peninsula Hotels shark fin soup will be excluded from the menus in January 2012.

Clement Kwok, who is responsible for the restaurants in the Peninsula Hotels, told the press that exclusion of the delicacy from the restaurant's menu is aimed to preserve the ecosphere of the Pacific Ocean.

Each year about 73 million sharks are killed in the world mainly just for their fins. The rest of the fish is usually thrown overboard.

It is hard to tell how effective for the environment will be the refusal of Peninsula hotel from the shark fins. Currently, a gourmet soup is served mainly in the Asian hotel companies. As a rule, it is prepared for the festive occasions - during major briefings, seminars and conferences. In the Peninsula hotel, which are located in the U.S. (Chicago and Beverly Hills), this dish is not included into the menu.

Peninsula notes that the decision to refuse from the shark fin soup in the network was made by company without consulting with its clients. Starting from April 2011 the hotel restaurant customers were offered another dish as an alternative to the chef shark soup.