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Satellite Takes Picture of Chinese Carrier on the Move

FOX News 12/15/2011 19:46
Satellite Takes Picture of Chinese Carrier on the Move - China - Defense - security - photo

DigitalGlobe Inc., a commercial satellite company, said Wednesday that it took a photograph of China’s first aircraft carrier during a sea trial in the Yellow Sea, off the Chinese coast.

The Pentagon did not confirm the image, but Stephen Wood, the satellite company’s director, said he’s confident about the Dec. 8 photograph due to the carrier’s location.

Although China insists the carrier is intended for research and training, its use has raised concern about the country’s military strength and its increasingly assertive claims over disputed territory.

While the development of carriers is driven largely by bragging rights and national prestige, China's naval ambitions have been brought into focus with its claims to disputed territory surrounding Taiwan and in the South China Sea.


Dec. 8: Satellite image shows the Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag sailing in the Yellow Sea.