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44 nabbed in HK anti-smuggling raid

Independent Online 01/15/2012 01:23
44 nabbed in HK anti-smuggling raid - crime - Hong Kong - smuggling

Forty-four people have been arrested in an operation targeting smugglers moving goods between Hong Kong and China, a news report said on Friday.

The operation, carried out Wednesday, is believed to be the biggest-ever anti-smuggling raid in Hong Kong and involved more than 80 officers from the police, customs department and labour department, according to the South China Morning Post.

Those arrested included one Hong Kong man and 43 mainland Chinese men and women, who were crossing the border several times a day, ferrying goods to sell for a profit in China.

Officers seized goods, such as mobile phones, tablet computers and bottles of wine, worth 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars (300 000

US dollars).

The customs department said the Hong Kong man was arrested on suspicion of employing illegal workers, while the others were arrested for breaching the conditions of stay of multiple-entry visas which allow them to come to Hong Kong to visit relatives.