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China invites world to 6-month party: World Expo 2010 Shanghai

That's an awful lot of ducks and dumplings. The largest ever World's Fair blasts off tonight with a massive fireworks display over Shanghai. China expects about 400,000 daily visitors to consume 547 tons of food each day, from buns at 70 cents for three, to more pricey Beijing roast ducks — for the next six months.

Knife Wielding Man Stabs 19 At Chinese School

A man entered a Chinese school Wednesday and stabbed 18 students and a teacher. The attack occurred on the same day another man was executed for stabbing eight children last month at their school.

Security tightened for Shanghai expo

Taipei Times 04/29/2010
Security tightened for Shanghai expo

Security was tight yesterday as world leaders prepared to fly into Shanghai for the opening of the World Expo, an opportunity for China’s financial capital to show its face to the world.

300,000 mainland-Taiwan couples tie knot

The Chinese mainland and Taiwan have witnessed more than 300,000 cross-Straits marriages since travel from Taiwan to the mainland was first permitted in 1987, statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs show.

Shanghai World Expo set to open

Sacramento Bee 04/27/2010

One-child rule may be eased in China

ALEXA OLESEN AP 04/26/2010
Shanghai World Expo set to open

Visitors to Shanghai's World Expo say organizers have plenty of kinks to iron out before the event -- the biggest-ever World's Fair -- formally opens on May Day.

One-child rule may be eased in China

Officially, the [Chinese] government remains committed to the one-child policy. But it also commissioned feasibility studies last year on what would happen should it eliminate the policy or do nothing. An official with the National Population and Family Planning Commission said privately that the agency is looking at ways to refine the limit without getting rid of it.

Snow hits China quake area as death toll rises to 2,183

Heavy snow hampered relief efforts on Thursday following last week's devastating earthquake in the mainly Tibetan Yushu area of north-west China's Qinghai province, as the death toll has climbed to nearly 2,200.

Huang Guangyu

Huang Guangyu, the founder of Hong Kong-listed Gome Electrical Appliances Holdings Ltd., and once China’s richest individual, went on trial in Beijing today for insider trading and bribery after 15 months in custody.

Thailand to donate US$100,000 for earthquake-hit people in China

Thailand's weekly cabinet meeting on Tuesday approved the Foreign Ministry's proposed donation for people in China's Qinghai province affected by the earthquake.

Economy first as parliament season begins

China opened its annual parliamentary season yesterday with a call from the Communist leadership to keep up economic growth, maintain social stability and tackle a yawning urban- rural income gap.

China warns of damage from Obama-Dalai meet

BEIJING — China on Friday urged the United States to call off a meeting between President Barack Obama and exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama to prevent further damage to already strained ties.

Courthouse in Chengdu where Tan Zuoren was sentenced. Photo: RTHK.

A mainland activist who sought to document shoddy construction that contributed to deaths in the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake, has been sentenced to five years in prison for subversion, according to his lawyer.

China says opposes Obama meeting with Dalai Lama

GILLIAN WONG The Washington Post 02/02/2010

China names new Tibet governor

Robert Saiget AFP 01/15/2010
Dalai Lama

BEIJING -- China warned President Barack Obama on Tuesday not to meet the Dalai Lama, saying any such meeting would harm bilateral relations.

Padma Choling

BEIJING — China on Friday named as its new Tibet governor a military veteran who vowed to ensure stability in the Himalayan region, two years after massive unrest prompted a huge security crackdown.

China tests new technology to shoot down missiles in mid-air

China successfully tested new technology to intercept missiles in flight yesterday, state media has reported.

Deep freeze brings travel chaos to north China; 1400 people trapped on train

BEIJING — Heavy snow has brought more travel chaos to north China, stranding thousands of truckers for two days on a Beijing highway and 1,400 rail passengers in Inner Mongolia, state media said Tuesday.

China Finds Huge Fraud by Officials

DAVID BARBOZA The New York Times 12/30/2009
China Finds Huge Fraud by Officials

SHANGHAI — Chinese officials misused or embezzled about $35 billion in government money in the first 11 months of the year, according to a national audit released this week.

The activists described the detainee, Robert Park, as a martyr

SEOUL — About 60 activists staged a rally on Wednesday in a show of support for a US Christian missionary detained after he crossed into North Korea on a one-man human rights crusade.

17 dead in China mine blasts: state media

BEIJING — Seventeen coal miners have been killed and six others trapped in two gas explosions in China, state media said Monday, in the latest accidents to strike the country's notoriously dangerous mining sector.


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