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Moodys downgrades Ireland's rating

CIARA O'BRIEN The Irish Times 07/19/2010
The night sky on fire: 2,000 firefighters battle inferno that blazed for 15 hours in China after TWO oil pipelines explode

Firefighters today [July 18] extinguished a fire that raged for more than 15 hours after two oil pipeline exploded at a Chinese port.

Moodys downgrades Ireland's rating

Credit agency Moodys has downgraded Ireland's government bond ratings to Aa2, blaming banking liabilities, weak growth prospects and a substantial increase in the debt to GDP ratio.

Beijing starts gating, locking migrant villages

CARA ANNA Yahoo! News 07/15/2010
Fresh strike hits Honda's parts plant in China

Honda Motor said Thursday a fresh strike had hit an auto parts supplier in southern China for the Japanese carmaker, the latest in a series of walkouts by Chinese labourers over pay.

Beijing starts gating, locking migrant villages

The government calls it "sealed management." China's capital has started gating and locking some of its lower-income neighborhoods overnight, with police or security checking identification papers around the clock, in a throwback to an older style of control.

IBM plans $100 mln China-focussed healthcare initiative

Donny Kwok, Chris Lewis Reuters 07/15/2010

Tiny, toxic mushrooms kill hundreds in China

TINI TRAN Yahoo! News 07/14/2010
IBM plans $100 mln China-focussed healthcare initiative

International Business Machines Corp (IBM.N) said on Thursday it will invest $100 million over the next three years in a research initiative with a special focus in China as Beijing embarks on a multibillion-dollar plan to upgrade its healthcare system.

Tiny, toxic mushrooms kill hundreds in China

Every summer during the height of the rainy season, villagers of all ages in a corner of southwestern China would suddenly die of cardiac arrest.

Patients working in a compound at the Kunming Municipal Compulsory Rehabilitation Center in China

China is considering closing its vast network of labour camps, allowing an unprecedented public debate over the controversial "re-education" programme.

Chinese officials asked to disclose wealth of kids married to foreigners

Chinese officials with children living abroad or married to foreigners including Hong Kong residents have been asked to come clean about the assets held by them.

In Mainland China, the Rich Get Rich Younger

DUNCAN MAVIN The Wall Street Journal 07/13/2010
Mianhuatan reservoir

Zijin Mining Group Co., China’s largest gold producer, will investigate its management methods after waste water from a mine contaminated a river and killed fish in Fujian province.

In Mainland China, the Rich Get Rich Younger

To see one key difference between the wealthy in Hong Kong and mainland China, take a look at 26-year old Chinese property developer Yang Huiyan and 82-year-old Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing. The gap in their ages highlights a pattern playing out among the wider investing public in Hong Kong and China. According to a survey to be released Tuesday by HSBC Holdings, the average age of the wealthiest 10% of investors in mainland China is 36. By comparison, the average age of the richest investors in Hong Kong is 48.

Mid-Air Dislocation Caused Amusement Park Tragedy

The Wall Street Journal 07/09/2010
Chinese airport closed after fiery UFO is spotted flying over city

A Chinese airport was closed after this mysterious object was spotted in the sky.Arcing over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou, the UFO appeared to glow with an eerie white light and left a bright trail in its wake.

Mid-Air Dislocation Caused Amusement Park Tragedy

A new breakthrough in the investigation of last week’s deadly theme park accident in Shenzhen reveals that one of the ride’s four-person compartments broke off from the ride’s axis at high-speed and smashed to the ground before being struck by three of the other carts. The information is the first official word as to the cause of the stunning crash that had baffled experts.

Magnitude-5.3 earthquake hits off Taiwan

Han Jingjing Xinhua 07/09/2010
China to Extend Resources Tax to Cover Entire Nation

China plans to extend a tax on oil, gas and coal output to the entire nation, stepping up efforts to raise funds for development of poorer inland provinces in a move that will reduce earnings for resource producers.

Magnitude-5.3 earthquake hits off Taiwan

An earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richer scale hit off Taiwan at 0041 GMT, the U.S. Geological Survey said Friday.

Hong Kong police smash large cross-border gambling ring

Hong Kong and mainland police have smashed a large cross-border illegal football gambling syndicate, seizing betting slips worth more than one billion US dollars, reports said on Thursday.

Disney 'may start Shanghai park work in November'

Disney could start building its planned theme park in Shanghai as early as November, a year after Chinese authorities gave the green light for the project, a report said Tuesday.

Chinese police arrest heads of Hong Kong gambling ring

Police in China have arrested the kingpin of a multimillion-US-dollar gambling syndicate that took World Cup football bets from Hong Kong, a radio report said Tuesday.

Chinese search exec's advice to Silicon Valley: To do business in China you must work with the government

The head of China's biggest online success story has some advice for U.S. companies hoping to break into the world's largest Internet market: You'd better hurry, and you'd better be willing to work with the government.

China Jails U.S. Geologist for Eight Years Over State Oil Secrets Charges

A U.S. geologist was sentenced to eight years in prison by a Chinese court after being convicted of violating the state secrets law by selling a database on the country’s oil industry.


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