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China warns foreign media not to cover protests

Chinese police are further intensifying pressure on foreign reporters, warning them to stay away from spots designated for Middle East-inspired protests and threatening them with expulsion or a revoking of their credentials.

China hopes to allow all exporters and importers to settle their cross-border trades in the yuan by this year, the central bank said on Wednesday, as part of plans to grow the currency's international role.

Foreign firms in S. China cut investment, move inland-survey

Foreign investment in China's southern economic powerhouse is expected to fall 8 percent this year as firms migrate inland because of sharply rising wage and materials costs, a survey found on Tuesday.

US voices concern to China over media crackdown

The US ambassador to Beijing, Jon Huntsman, voiced "deep concerns" to the Chinese authorities over a harsh crackdown on foreign journalists, a US official said Monday.

China's holdings of US debt larger than reported

China's holdings of US bonds reached $1.16 trillion at the end of December, almost $270 billion more than previously estimated, new data showed Monday.

Wen Jiabao

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao pledged on Sunday to tackle public concerns such as inflation, runaway growth, and corruption in an apparent bid to defuse a call for weekly rallies in 13 cities.

China uses whistles, water, police on protests

ELAINE KURTENBACH My Way News 02/27/2011

China charges subversion for protest repostings

ANITA CHANG The Washington Post 02/24/2011
China uses whistles, water, police on protests

Large numbers of police - and new tactics like shrill whistles and street cleaning trucks - squelched overt protests in China for a second Sunday in a row after more calls for peaceful gatherings modeled on recent democratic movements in the Middle East.

China charges subversion for protest repostings

China filed subversion charges against Internet users who reposted a call for protests as the authoritarian government enforced its crackdown against any Middle East-style democracy movement, activists said.

Vice Admiral, Scott Van Buskirk, commander of the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet

Commander of U.S. Seventh Fleet Scott Van Buskirk said on Monday that they don't consider China as a "direct threat", and there remains close navy-to-navy relationship with nations around the Asia-Pacific that their commitment to the region has never been stronger.

China rounds up 100 activists to rapidly quash pro-democracy 'Jasmine Revolution' organised online

Chinese authorities moved quickly and with force to quash a pro-democracy 'Jasmine Revolution', believed to have been inspired by the recent uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.

Tycoon Stanley Ho filed a new lawsuit against relatives to keep control of his vast Macau casino empire.

Billionaire Stanley Ho filed a new lawsuit against some family members to regain control of his stake in Asia's biggest casino company, his lawyer Gordon Oldham said today.

Macau police break up fracas between Chinese tourists and guides

A group of Chinese tourists were rescued by police after being trapped for hours on a tour bus by a crowd of around 100 tour guides in Macau, a radio report said Tuesday.

China Wedding Expo 2011 (Spring) Commences in February

Shanghai International Exhibition Co. Ltd. 02/14/2011
China Wedding Expo 2011 (Spring) Commences in February

China Wedding Expo is scheduled to be held from Feb.23-26, 2011, concurrently at the INTEX Shanghai, Shanghaimart and Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center.

Macau's Ho to restart legal action against family-lawyer

Macau gaming magnate Stanley Ho is set to take fresh legal action against family members, his lawyer said on Tuesday, in the latest U-turn in a dynastic tussle for control over one of Asia's largest fortunes.

China creates rare earth strategic reserves

China is building up strategic reserves of rare earth metals in a move that could give it better control over the resource so indispensable to high tech products, the Wall Street Journal reported.

A woman rubs her hand for good luck across a sculpture of a rabbit at a Beijing temple

The Chinese calendar may be set to welcome in the 'Year of the Rabbit' but the new year could be auspicious for love cheats, astrologers predict, and those who want a younger partner.

WikiLeaks: US and China in military standoff over space missiles

Tim Ross, Holly Watt and Christopher Hope Telegraph 02/03/2011

China's Zijin to pay extra $3 mln for toxic leaks

Farah Master, David Holmes Reuters Africa 02/01/2011
WikiLeaks: US and China in military standoff over space missiles

The United States threatened to take military action against China during a secret "star wars" arms race within the past few years, according to leaked documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph.

China's Zijin to pay extra $3 mln for toxic leaks

Chinese gold miner Zijin Mining will fork out 20 million yuan ($3 million), its latest penalty for its key role in hazardous waste water leaks last year, a court judgement showed on Monday.

Stanley Ho Hospitalized for ‘Routine Procedure’ Amid Lawsuit

Debra Mao and Marco Lui Bloomberg.com 02/01/2011
Stanley Ho, center, poses with his third wife Chan Un-chan, right, and daughter Florinda during a television broadcast at Chan's home in Hong Kong on Jan. 26.

Billionaire Stanley Ho was taken to a hospital today, intensifying the sense of urgency surrounding a dispute over control of his stake in Asia’s biggest casino company.


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