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China warns against "interference" in U.S. rights talks

The Chinese government warned on Tuesday against using human rights disputes as what it called a tool to meddle, ahead of talks with the United States that will focus on complaints about Beijing's crackdown on dissent.

Crisis in Japan spurs Hong Kong and China nuclear safety talks

Energy and safety experts from Hong Kong and China met Wednesday to discuss the safety of nuclear energy in the light of the ongoing crisis at a damaged Japanese nuclear plant leaking radiation.

Hong Kong Actor Max Mok Busted for Drugs in Beijing

The Hollywood Reporter 04/19/2011
China Urges US to Protect Creditors After S&P Warning

China's Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the United States must take "responsible" measures to protect investors in its debt after Standard & Poor's threatened to lower its credit rating on the United States due to a bulging budget deficit.

Hong Kong Actor Max Mok Busted for Drugs in Beijing

Hong Kong actor Max Mok, best known for his role in director Tsui Hark’s Once Upon a Time in China martial arts film series of the early 1990s, has been busted for alleged drug use in Beijing, official media said late on Sunday.

Ai Weiwei arrest: Chinese lawyer and designer are latest to disappear

A lawyer linked to Ai Weiwei went missing on Thursday night and a designer from the company handling the artist's affairs was taken by police six days ago, according to supporters.

Detained artist Ai Weiwei confesses to crimes, newspaper says

Artist and rights activist Ai Weiwei, who has been held in detention by Chinese authorities for 12 days, has reportedly begun confessing to crimes, a Hong Kong newspaper said Friday.

Moody's downgrades China's property sector

Moody's Investors Service on Thursday downgraded China's property sector to "negative" from "stable" as it warned that rising interest rates and reduced bank lending would dampen demand.

China ordains new Vatican-approved Catholic bishop

China has ordained a new Catholic bishop approved by the Vatican for the first time since ties between the sides soured last year, according to church figures with knowledge of the events.

China warns world not to interfere in artist case

China warned the international community it had "no right to interfere" in the case of outspoken artist Ai Weiwei, who has been detained for investigation of unspecified economic crimes.

China milk-scandal activist force fed while on hunger strike

An activist who was jailed in China for representing the parents of children made ill by tainted milk powder was force-fed with milk powder in jail when he went on hunger strike, a newspaper reported Thursday.

Chinese police detain dissident artist Ai Weiwei at airport

Clifford Coonan The Independent 04/04/2011
China state paper blasts calls for artist release

A Chinese state newspaper Wednesday rejected Western condemnation of artist Ai Weiwei's detention and suggested the outspoken government critic was seized to stop him crossing a "red line".

Chinese police detain dissident artist Ai Weiwei at airport

Ai Weiwei, China's most controversial artist, was detained by police as he boarded a flight at Beijing airport yesterday, the highest-profile action yet in a clampdown on dissenting voices.

Radioactivity detected in China

yan Xinhua 03/28/2011

Japan radiation fears spark panic salt-buying in China

David Pierson Los Angeles Times 03/18/2011
Radioactivity detected in China

Low levels of radioactive material iodine-131 were detected Saturday in Heilongjiang Province, north of Beijing, China's National Nuclear Emergency Coordination Committee said.

Japan radiation fears spark panic salt-buying in China

China tried to quell panic buying of iodized salt Thursday after grocery stores across the country were emptied of the seasoning by hordes of people hoping to ward off radiation poisoning after the nuclear accidents in Japan.

China charges man with sedition over protest calls

A human rights group says an Internet activist has been charged with subversion for spreading calls on the Internet for Middle Eastern-style anti-government protests in China.

Asian Casino King Stanley Ho Settles Family Feud

Asian casino king Stanley Ho announced Thursday that he has dropped a lawsuit against some of his family members and settled an inheritance dispute over a stake in his Macau casino empire worth about $1.5 billion.

Air China orders 5 Boeing 747-8 jumbo jets

Dominic Gates Seattle Times 03/08/2011
Air China orders 5 Boeing 747-8 jumbo jets

Chinese flag carrier Air China announced an order for five 747-8 Intercontinental passenger planes at the Asian Aerospace show Tuesday morning in Hong Kong.

China says eyes 2100 new aircraft in coming five years

China expects to order 1,100 new transport aircraft and 1,000 general aviation aircraft in the next five years as demand for air services grows in the world's second-largest economy, a government official said.

China's capital tightens controls on foreign media

CHRISTOPHER BODEEN My Way New 03/06/2011
China's capital tightens controls on foreign media

Officials in China's capital said Sunday that foreign reporters must seek government permission to conduct interviews in Beijing, taking a hard interpretation of current, more liberal regulations amid Internet calls for Middle East-style popular protests.


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