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Hong Kong's most retro barber shop

Hiufu Wong CNNGo.com 12/07/2011
Hong Kong's most retro barber shop

Besides xiaolongbao, Shanghai's greatest export to Hong Kong -- and one that has remained unchanged for more than half a century -- is expert barbers.

Best wet markets in Hong Kong

Christopher DeWolf CNNGo.com 09/19/2011

Why is Hong Kong so literally green?

Christopher DeWolf CNNGo.com 07/07/2011
Best wet markets in Hong Kong

Want to get a good dose of grassroots Hong Kong character? Skip the supermarket and hit up the wet market. You'll save money on food while getting the best quality meat and produce.

Nothing like a lime green concrete-covered slope to brighten up a corner.

If we had to pick a color to associate with Hong Kong, the obvious choice would be a big, brash, Chinese red. Yet, many Hongkongers would pick red's complementary hue: green.

Chilling out by MTR: 5 seriously relaxed stations in Hong Kong

Escaping Hong Kong’s noisy, crowded streets doesn’t require a long trek off the beaten path. Sometimes the most laid-back neighborhoods are just a short hop from the MTR. Here are five seriously relaxed parts of town less than 10 minutes walk from the MTR.

Expats in Hong Kong ''enjoy the highest salaries''

On the whole, Britons who move abroad could discover they have a higher earning potential and that their ability to save is also increased, according to new research. The NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index has revealed that more than half of people originating from the UK who are living or working overseas enjoy a salary of between £50,000 and £100,000.

Feng Shui masters milking Hong Kong

Kent Ewing Asia Times 12/04/2010

Hong Kong Ranked Sixth Most Expensive City in Asia

Alice Truong The Wall Street Journal 12/03/2010
Feng Shui masters milking Hong Kong

The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui - fortune-telling based on a combination of earthly and astrological divinations - has become so abused in this city that a list of those perpetrating the top 10 scams in geomancy is surely just around the corner.

Hong Kong slid in the rankings to sixth this year as the most expensive Asian city for expatriates to live in from fifth in 2009.

Living in Hong Kong just got a little pricier. In a list of the world’s most expensive cities for expatriates, Hong Kong rose to 32nd place from 52nd in 2009, according to a report released Thursday.

10 ways to boycott the Hong Kong oligopoly

Derrick Chang CNNGo.com 12/01/2010
Pong Yat Ming, sticking it to The Man one can at a time.

A Hong Kong man has decided to take a stand against Hong Kong real estate conglomerates. Pong Yat Ming has sworn not to patronize businesses that are owned by the conglomerates for one year.

James Durston: Drunken British expats should be chained up

Why the British tendency to drink till you do something stupid needs to be stamped out