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Email in your eye? Next-generation video screen glasses could lay messages or GPS over your field of vision

Gavin Allen Daily Mail 01/14/2012
Email in your eye? Next-generation video screen glasses could lay messages or GPS over your field of vision

As advances in computer technology make gadgets ever smaller and more portable the idea of carrying a screen of any kind could soon be outdated. Consumer products with screens have dropped in size from computer to laptop to tablet via phone. But one company specialising in cutting edge visual technology waIsraeli company Lumus has shown off the PD-18-2, which may look like a cumbersome pair of shades but allow the user to see high-quality images while they walk.nts to beam information directly into your field of vision.

Android-powered watches get Internet savvy

The Internet was strapped to wrists at the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday in the form of Android-powered "smart watches" that serve up online content along with telling time.

US lawmakers accuse Facebook of ducking questions on its privacy practices

Reps. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Joe Barton (R-Texas) accused Facebook of evading questions about whether it tracks users in order to deliver targeted ads on Monday.

Google's new personalized search raises antitrust concerns

Google is diving deeper into personalized search results, debuting a feature called "Google Plus Your World". But the debut of the service, which pulls results from your own content plus social circles from Google-owned services may catch the ire of regulators.

'Red Friday' to Bring Deals for Asian Apple Customers This Friday

Apple has begun informing customers in several of its Asian markets regarding this Friday's one-day shopping event in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Termed "Red Friday", the event is similar to Apple's Black Friday shopping deals in many areas of the world, where the company offers discounts on a number of different items including Macs, iPads, and iPods, as well as accessories.

Facebook set for suit over publicity; Case hinges on 'sponsored stories' appearing on many pages

Facebook’s practice of showing people that their friends “like” specific products could run afoul of a California law that gives both celebrities and ordinary citizens the right to control how their names and pictures are used for commercial endorsements.

Internet architects oppose US online piracy bills

A group of prominent architects of the Internet added their voices Thursday to those opposing legislation in the US Congress intended to crack down on online piracy.

Author Says Facebook Is Making Us Miserable

Ian Bush CBS Philadelphia 12/15/2011
Author Says Facebook Is Making Us Miserable

Facebook has changed the way many people communicate with family and friends — but some believe it’s not always for the better.

Teenage Programmer Backed By Hong Kong Billionaire Li Ka Shing

It’s been a wild three months for Nick D’Aloisio. There was the new school year and brand new classes in Russian and Buddhist philosophy. Then there was this technology startup he was running from his bedroom that was going to change the way everybody surfed the Internet.

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