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'Contagion' spreads to HK

Jonathan Landreth The Hollywood Reporter 09/03/2010

Hong Kong: A Love Story

ALEXANDRA A. SENO The Wall Street Journal 09/03/2010
'Contagion' spreads to HK

Steven Soderbergh is bringing his fear-of-disease thriller “Contagion” to shoot in Hong Kong in a move that is likely to stir up painful memories of the deadly SARS epidemic in 2003 that spread around the world from China, shaking its one-party government.

Vivian Chow Wai-man, left, and Sandra Ng Kwan-yue in 'All About Love'

With her latest film, "All About Love," director Ann Hui On-wah writes another heartfelt letter to her home, Hong Kong. Like her other works, this story, a romantic comedy about a pair of bisexual women who are pregnant, highlights aspects of the island's current social issues and is set in Hong Kong's upwardly mobile Mid-Levels neighborhood.

Tearful German HIV pop star escapes jail

An HIV-positive pop star broke down in tears on Thursday after a German court handed her a two-year suspended sentence for infecting a former sex partner with the virus.

Jackie Chan's Tweets on Manila bus deaths draw ire

Jackie Chan's Tweets about the Manila bus hijacking have drawn a barrage of Internet attacks in his native Hong Kong, which lost eight residents in the tragedy.

George Michael admits drug-driving

Breitbart.com 08/25/2010
George Michael admits drug-driving

Pop singer George Michael pleaded guilty in a London court on Tuesday to driving under the influence of cannabis when he crashed his car into a shop last month, and could face jail.

Sandra Ng

Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng has denied rumours that she turned down a role in director Kam Kwok Leung's upcoming film "Love Island" because she is pregnant, reported Hong Kong media.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's Divorce Is Final

Steve Helling People.com 08/24/2010

Tomson Group returns to entertainment

Karen Chu The Hollywood Reporter 08/24/2010
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's Divorce Is Final

After months of speculation, the marriage between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Woods is officially over: The couple were present at Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Fla., Monday for the execution of their divorce agreement.

Tomson Group returns to entertainment

Hong Kong-listed property developer Tomson Group ventures into entertainment and film distribution with the formation of the Tomson International Entertainment Distribution Ltd., under the listed group.

Hong Kong's Hit Girl

Jada Yuan New York Magazine 08/24/2010
Hong Kong's Hit Girl

If one must be stuck in a dark alley outside a Toronto nightclub while Chinese mobsters and government assassins hover in the shadows, it might as well be with Maggie Q. She is, after all, an action star, though to look at her is to question her ass-kicking ability. She is unfathomably thin; her toned arms are marginally bigger around than a Canadian two-dollar coin. She also has the unintimidating habit of cracking herself up, loudly and with knee slaps.

22-year-old Mexican beauty queen crowned Miss Universe 2010

Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete was crowned Miss Universe 2010 during the finals of the beauty pageant held in Las Vegas on Monday night.

British pop singer commits suicide at Belgian music festival

George Arbuthnott and Peter Allen Daily Mail 08/22/2010
He was speaking in a documentary due to be screened in the US tomorrow tonight.

Brad Pitt has waded into the Gulf oil spill controversy with an extraordinary veiled attack on BP. The Hollywood actor said he would consider the death penalty for those to blame for the ruptured well that gushed millions of gallons of oil into the ocean.

Charles Haddon, singer for Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

A British pop singer climbed up a satellite mast and plunged to his death after playing in front of a sell-out crowd. Charles Haddon’s fatal fall took place hours after a girl had been injured by another member of his group diving off the stage.

Haiti ruling ends Wyclef Jean's run for president

Singer Wyclef Jean's high-profile bid for Haiti's presidency ended after election officials on the earthquake-ravaged Caribbean nation disqualified his candidacy.

Visa Problem Could Keep Piers Morgan Off CNN; Larry King's last day of work gets postponed

CNN is asking Larry King to postpone his final show -- slated for fall -- and stick around until the end of the year, The Post has learned. British journalist and "America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan, who is widely thought to be King's replacement, is apparently having trouble obtaining a work visa, according to several sources.

Full Trailer For Facebook Movie ‘The Social Network’ Hits The Web [VIDEO]

The full trailer for The Social Network, the highly anticipated film written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher that retells the origins of Facebook, has just landed.

Retrospective to salute "master of suspense" Alfred Hitchcock

Acclaimed as the master of suspense, film director Alfred Hitchcock has made countless psychological thrillers including Vertigo, Notorious, North by Northwest, Psycho and The Lady Vanishes. Widely regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers, Hitchcock counted among his protégés American post-war directors such as Brian De Palma, and among his fans French New Wave directors like François Truffaut and Claude Chabrol. Twenty classics that Hitchcock directed in Britain and the United States from 1927 to 1964 will be screened from September to November to salute the master.

Google founders may get their own Hollywood film

Jessica Guynn Los Angeles Times 08/20/2010
Google founders may get their own Hollywood film

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s leading role in the social networking revolution will soon hit movie screens. But Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, whose idea for an Internet search engine turned them from idealistic Stanford graduate students into powerful billionaires, may not be far behind.

Joey Yung's new EP set for Aug. 20 Release

Hong Kong singer Joey Yung's new EP "2010 Kong Gang" will be released on Friday, August 20, 163.com reports.

Wyclef Jean Hiding in Haiti After Threats Over Presidential Run

Hip hop star and Haitian presidential hopeful Wyclef Jean says he has gone into hiding after getting death threats.


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