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OMG, when did we start talking like txt msgs?

JOCELYN NOVECK My Way News 02/10/2011

Museums on high alert for ancient Egyptian loot

Mohammed Abbas Reuters 02/03/2011
OMG, when did we start talking like txt msgs?

"ILY!" Susan Maushart's 16-year-old daughter often calls out over her shoulder as she leaves the house. Sure, actual words would be better. But Mom knows not to complain. "A mother of teenagers is pathetically grateful for an 'I love you' no matter what form it takes," she observes.

Museums on high alert for ancient Egyptian loot

International museums are on high alert for looted Egyptian artifacts and some archaeologists have even offered to fly to the country to help safeguard its ancient treasures, museums said Wednesday.

The Art Market: Asian joust

Georgina Adam Financial Times 01/22/2011
Colonial-era Hong Kong stamps sell for record 821000 US dollars

A rare block of Hong Kong stamps featuring Queen Victoria's head was sold for a record 821,000 US dollars, an auction house said Monday.

Picasso’s ‘Study for Two Nudes’ (1906)

Which city, Singapore or Hong Kong, will become the hub of the Asian art market? Until now, Hong Kong seemed to be a slam-dunk with its Art HK fair, which is going into its fourth edition in May with an exhibitor roster that now includes many of the western world’s top dealers. But last week Singapore unveiled a counter-attack with Art Stage Singapore, a new fair featuring 120 exhibitors, with a line-up that was mainly Asian but with a number of westerners including Perrotin, Michael Schultz and Marlborough.

Central, Hong Kong's future art hub

Christopher DeWolf CNNGo.com 01/20/2011
The Central Police Station and Victoria Prison.

Over the next four years, the Central Police Station and Police Married Quarters will be transformed into new cultural institutions, one dedicated to contemporary art, the other to design. If the projects are well executed, they have the potential to reshape Hong Kong’s cultural landscape. If not, they’ll follow a well-trod path into mismanagement and irrelevance.

Damien Hirst and his "Saint Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain."

The new Gagosian gallery opens today in Hong Kong with the Damien Hirst show "Forgotten Promises." The artist was in town five days ago and generated intense buzz for the show, a sign that Hong Kong's international art hub status has crystallized.

Pioneering Hong Kong's Indie Scene

Cathy Yan The Wall Street Journal 01/13/2011
Urinating policewoman art raises hackles in Germany

A prize-winning lifelike sculpture of a squatting policewoman urinating has whipped up a storm of protest in Germany, where it went on prominent display last week.

Benny Chia

The Fringe Club, long the bastion for up-and-coming artists and alternative culture in Hong Kong, will host its 12th City Festival starting this week. But unlike in other years, the festival will not be contained within a single month.

CEO Resigns From Troubled West Kowloon Project

Cathy Yan The Wall Street Journal 01/08/2011
Graham Sheffield (left) and Henry Tang.

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority announced Friday that Graham Sheffield, the chief executive of the West Kowloon Cultural District, has resigned, in the latest blow to the HK$21.6 billion (U.S. $2.8 billion) government project already marred by delays and executive reshuffling.

Damien Hirst, For Heaven's Sake, 2008. Platinum, pink and white diamonds, 85 x 85 x 100 mm. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates. © Damien Hirst and Hirst Holdings Ltd, DACS 2011.

To inaugurate the Hong Kong exhibition space, Gagosian Gallery will present Forgotten Promises, an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by Damien Hirst opening on 18 January 2011.

Glamorous exhibition and archival films to celebrate Hong Kong Film Archive 10th Anniversary

Rarely seen photos of renowned film stars Lucilla You Min, Pak Suet-sin, Julie Yeh Feng, Fong Yim-fun, Yu So-chow, Lee Hong-kum, Fung Wong-nui and awards and archival items donated by Chow Yun-fat, Johnnie To Kei-fung, Josephine Siao Fong-fong, Yim Ho, Ti Lung, Connie Chan Po-chu are now on display in the exhibition "Glamour Everlasting" as part of a celebration for the Hong Kong Film Archive's (HKFA) 10th Anniversary. The celebration also involves the screening of 25 archival films in "The Best from The Archive Collection", including "The Legend of Purple Hairpin", "Sorrows of The Forbidden City", "Should They Marry?", and "Laugh, Clown, Laugh".

"Construction" by Jin Jiangbo, 2010.

At the Futian-Lok Ma Chau border crossing it takes less than five minutes to walk the bridge between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. But for all the difference between the two cities, the muddy Sham Chun River that acts as a physical divide, might as well be an ocean gulf.

In Hong Kong, Artists Open Their Studios

ALEX FREW MCMILLAN The New York Times 01/07/2011
The artist Chow Chun Fai, at left, explaining his work at his Fo Tan studio, during last year’s Fotanian Open Studios event.

Once a year, Hong Kong’s largest, longest-lived artist’s colony throws an open day in Fo Tan, an industrial neighborhood near suburban Sha Tin. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the event, the Fotanian Open Studios, on Jan. 8, 9, 15 and 16. The Wah Luen Industrial Center (15-21 Wong Chuk Yeung Street) is the epicenter, with other studios in neighboring warehouse buildings. A map designed to guide visitors through the show is available.

What would Mark Twain think -- unnecessary censorship or necessary evil?

What is a word worth? According to Publishers Weekly, NewSouth Books' upcoming edition of Mark Twain's seminal novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" will remove all instances of the N-word -- I'll give you a hint, it's not nonesuch -- present in the text and replace it with slave.

Resurrected Pop Icon Gives Voice to Criticism

NICK FRISCH The Wall Street Journal 12/29/2010
Marching Band Parade to be held at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza this Thursday

Jointly presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and the Hong Kong Marching Band Association, a Marching Band Parade will be held at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza this Thursday (December 30) from 2pm to 5pm. Featuring 18 local and overseas marching bands, the parade is part of the Hong Kong Marching Band Festival 2010. Admission is free.

Resurrected Pop Icon Gives Voice to Criticism

A new Chinese-produced musical set to open Friday in Hong Kong is poised to become an all-singing, all- dancing test of China's sensitivity to criticism. Wrapped within Broadway-style production values, the show holds a mirror to the country's social problems and is centered around an Asian pop icon formerly banned in China. While speech freedoms are protected in the former British enclave, the real test will come when the show tours the mainland this spring.

Hitler's Christmas party: Rare photographs capture leading Nazis celebrating in 1941

A less festive bunch it’s hard to imagine. This is Hitler and his henchmen celebrating Christmas in 1941 – not that you’d know it from their glum expressions. These probably had something to do with the recent dispiriting failure of Nazi attempts to seize Moscow and take control of Russia.

Hong Kong: China Philharmonic Orchestra and pianist Yim Wan to perform in January

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department is pleased to present a concert by the China Philharmonic Orchestra (Hong Kong) in January 2011. Renowned pianist Yim Wan is also invited, offering patrons an unforgettable evening.

Chinese bible revised after 90 years

Malcolm Moore Telegraph 12/25/2010
Chinese bible revised after 90 years

China's 70 million Protestant Christians are to get a new bible for Christmas, in the first revision of the Chinese Union Version bible since it was introduced by missionaries in 1919.


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