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Ghanaian fashion accessory is plastic fantastic

Tristan McConnell in Accra The Independent 03/18/2008

Fashion's clean-up campaign

The Independent 03/18/2008
Bags are made from plastic discarded on the streets of Accra

"Our bags are complete trash" may not strike you as the perfect sales pitch. But one Ghanaian entrepreneur would beg to disagree. His Trashy Bags venture is turning the scourge of discarded plastic that litters this corner of west Africa into a cool fashion accessory.

Fashion's clean-up campaign

In the US, Banana Republic stands for affordable quality. This week's opening of its first UK store might signal the end of throwaway fashion, says Gemma Hayward

L'Oreal Fashion Week: Fashion for Breakfast

Nathalie Atkinson National Post 03/18/2008
L'Oreal Fashion Week: Fashion for Breakfast

This St. Patrick’s Day marks the convergence of several fashion factors: French shoe designer Pierre Hardy’s capsule collection for Gap European Editions arrives in select Canadian Gap stores (on a two-week delay from the U.S. delivery) and Day One of L’Oreal Fashion Week, showing the fall/winter collections of designers from across Canada. By another lucky coincidence, leprechaun green -- as in both eco and the shade, is hot hot hot (as the style-speak goes). Project Runway Canada bad-boy Evan Biddell is the first show this afternoon.

NEW DELHI: India's Rs 270 crore and growing fashion design industry is now seen as a role model by countries like Ethiopia, which is nowhere on the global fashion radar and hence keen to emulate its growth and success.

Vanna wheels into fashion!

Paige Wiser Chicago Sun-Times 03/07/2008
Feathers are in fashion but is an ostrich boa more acceptable than a mink coat?

Fashion is getting back to nature, in a riot of colourful floral patterns to be seen all over the catwalks. And if designers are mad about flora, quite a few are even keener on fauna and, more specifically, on adorning their creations with large amounts of plumage courtesy of our feathered friends. That all sounds rather heart-warming, but fashion can always be counted on to be fickle, and this season she has excelled herself.

Vanna wheels into fashion!

Technically, Vanna White is a "puzzle board operator." But for 25 years, she's been as famous for spinning to show off her sequins than for turning letters on "Wheel of Fortune."

Eighties fashion makes a comeback

The Press Association 03/04/2008
Victoria Beckham’s Posh Reality Show: Fashion Nightmares

Fox has a penchant for pain and offered Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, a fashion reality series called Fashion Nightmares.

Eighties-style big hair and bright make-up seem to be making a comeback, a retailer said.

Dressing down the fashion industry

Martha Rosenberg Chicagotribune.com 03/02/2008
Fashion label Untouched World heads online

Peri Drysdale - the creator of Christchurch Fashion house Untouched World - is working on a new online strategy to lessen her reliance on bricks-and-mortar retail outlets.

Dressing down the fashion industry

For a nation that's getting fatter and broker, Fashion Week seemed increasingly irrelevant this year.

A comeback for clothes: Christian Lacroix and Dries Van Noten

Suzy Menkes International Herald Tribune 03/02/2008
A comeback for clothes: Christian Lacroix and Dries Van Noten

PARIS: At last! Clothes so strong, interesting and often colorful that they are designed to turn the focus off accessories and on to what is stalking the runway. "Baroque minimalism," announced Christian Lacroix, to describe his show on Wednesday of sculpted outfits that, whether in black or zingy colors, were always based on black hose and knee-high boots.

Fashion chain withdraws from Britain amid depressed trade

The fashion chain Mexx is understood to be pulling out of the UK high street as fashion shoppers rein back spending and trading conditions deteriorate.

Fashion Mexx

The Canadian Press 03/02/2008

Olsen twins at work on fashion book

RTÉ Entertainment 03/02/2008
Fashion stylist Kemal Harris, of Ucluelet, B.C., says her small-town roots keep her grounded in New York. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ho- Kemal Harris

UCLUELET, B.C. - She may live in New York and help dress some of North America's biggest stars, but Kemal Harris hasn't forgotten her humble roots on Vancouver Island's West Coast.

Olsen twins at work on fashion book

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are collaborating on 'The Influence', a new coffee table book about fashion.

500 pairs of panties stolen from Victoria's Secret store

Will Greenlee Sun-Sentinel.com 02/27/2008

Mirror, Mirror: Got the blues? In spring fashion, that's a good thing

Elizabeth Wellington The Philadelphia Inquirer 02/25/2008
500 pairs of panties stolen from Victoria's Secret store

JENSEN BEACH - Call it the mother of all panty raids. About 500 pairs of women's underwear were reported missing Friday from the Victoria's Secret store in the Treasure Coast Square mall.

Cobalt is one of the hottest - or coolest - shades, as in this dress by Orlantha and shoes by Bijoux.

When it comes to blue, fashion often focuses on serious navy pinstripes or softer baby hues. But this spring, blue is electric, magnetic and unapologetic: It's cobalt.

These designers aren't slaves to fashion; they're prisoners

Kirsten Grieshaber The Seattle Times 02/25/2008

Looking blue, feeling good

Edwina Ings-Chambers Financial Times 02/24/2008
A woman at a store in Berlin takes a look at a T-shirt designed by "Martin," a prison inmate in Texas.  MIGUEL VILLAGRAN / AP

BERLIN — A new store is selling fashions produced and inspired by prisoners, including a T-shirt designed by inmates in Texas.

Looking blue, feeling good

So it seems we beauty shoppers are a fairly hopeful and happy bunch. Or at least, according to Jean-Paul Agon, chief executive of L'Oréal, there's no need in the beauty business to be worried about any economic slowdown; consumers will always buy cosmetics because they "are good for the mood".

Lovely skin - grown in the lab

Times Online 02/24/2008
Lovely skin - grown in the lab

A ban on animal testing next year has spurred scientists into cultivating human tissue. Jacqui Thornton reports


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