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Pentagon report: China closer to matching modern militaries

Bill Gertz The Washington Times 08/25/2011
Pentagon report: China closer to matching modern militaries

China made impressive gains last year in its military buildup that pushed the Communist Party-controlled People’s Liberation Army closer to matching modern militaries, according to the Pentagon’s annual report to Congress made public Wednesday.

China, Libya's fair-weather friend

When the going gets rough, China gets going. After six months of attempted neutrality between Moammar Gadhafi loyalists and rebel forces, Beijing now appears to have chosen sides. This, as the end-game seemingly nears for Libya’s leader of 42 years, whose hold on power wanes by the day.

Chinese journalist suspended for outspoken report

Alexa Olesen Houston Chronicle 08/20/2011
Biden tells China not to count out U.S. strength

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday rejected views that American power is waning and said Washington would never default, wrapping up a China visit that has played down tensions between the world's two biggest economies.

Chinese journalist suspended for outspoken report

A Chinese journalist has been suspended after publishing an article challenging the Communist Party's official take on a national hero, a newspaper reported, in the latest example of a reporter pushing the limits of censorship only to have authorities rein them back in.

Basket-brawl! Joe Biden's visit to China marred by mass fight at 'goodwill' exhibition game between U.S. and Chinese teams

This is nobody's interpretation of goodwill! A bench-clearing brawl at an exhibition game between American and Chinese basketball teams has marred U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's relationship-building visit to China. The incredible fight between the Georgetown University men's basketball team and the Bayi Rockets forced the game on Thursday night in Beijing to end early.

Chinese vice premier ends HK visit amid protests

Hong Kong activists on Thursday renewed calls for the immediate release of all political detainees in China, as Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang ended his three-day visit to the city.

Biden to Tell Chinese Officials U.S. Still Good Investment After Downgrade

Vice President Joe Biden begins four days of meetings, meals and tours with his Chinese counterpart today amid persistent tensions between the world’s two biggest economies over trade and currency.

China: Dozens die as bullet trains collide in Zhejiang

At least 35 people have died and more than 200 are hurt after two high-speed trains crashed into each other in eastern China, state media reports.

iFraud: Entire Apple stores being faked in China

Louise Watt Yahoo! Finance 07/22/2011
Hillary Clinton to meet Hong Kong, mainland officials

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet officials in Hong Kong and mainland China Monday as she wraps up a series of Asian talks that touched on North Korea and South China Sea tensions.

iFraud: Entire Apple stores being faked in China

It looks almost exactly like a sleek Apple store. Sales assistants in blue T-shirts with the company's logo chat with customers. Signs advertising the iPad 2 hang on the white walls. Outside, the famous logo sits next to the words "Apple Store" -- one of the few clues that the whole thing is a fake.

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