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Karzai, Taliban Condemn Desecration; Military Questions Pair of Marines

JULIAN E. BARNES, MARIA ABI-HABIB The Washington Post 01/14/2012
Karzai, Taliban Condemn Desecration; Military Questions Pair of Marines

Pentagon officials went to lengths Thursday to avert damage to the U.S. war effort from a video that shows a group of Marines urinating on militants' corpses.

Ex-Afghanistan president Burhanuddin Rabbani killed by 'turban bomb'

The former president of Afghanistan - a major figure who was leading peace talks aimed at ending the war - was killed in his home Tuesday by a suicide attacker wearing an exploding turban.

Ahmed Wali Karzai, half brother of Afghan president, killed by trusted confidant

With three rounds of pistol fire, President Hamid Karzai’s half brother was assassinated Tuesday morning in the city he dominated for years, opening a power vacuum that could destabilize Afghan politics in a region at the heart of the American war against the Taliban.

Executed by the Taliban: British soldier is kidnapped and killed on day Cameron makes surprise Afghan visit

A British soldier was snatched and executed by the Taliban yesterday after he wandered off alone from a remote checkpoint in southern Afghanistan. It was the first kidnap of a British soldier in the conflict. His disappearance in an area riddled with insurgents and Improvised Explosive Devices sparked a 12-hour search with hundreds of troops and vehicles and all available helicopters. David Cameron was forced to abandon part of an unannounced visit to the country so personnel and equipment which would have been with him could be diverted to help.

Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel attacked by gunmen

At least seven people are reported to have been killed after a top hotel in the Afghan capital, Kabul, came under attack by gunmen and suicide bombers.

Half of Afghan Military Forces Won't Achieve 1st Grade Literacy Level by 2012

The U.S.-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) training mission in Afghanistan predicts that only about 50 percent of Afghan military forces will be able read and write at the 1st grade level by January 2012, according to a Department of Defense report mandated by lawmakers.