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2,000 sharks slaughtered for fins off Colombia

Michael Winter USA Today 10/20/2011
2,000 sharks slaughtered for fins off Colombia

About 2,000 sharks appear to have been slaughtered for their fins in a Pacific Ocean marine sanctuary off Colombia, the Guardian reports.

U.S. Gov't Agency Plans $2.84 Billion Loan for Oil Refinery—In Colombia

The U.S. Export-Import Bank, an independent agency of the federal government, is now planning a $2.84-billion loan for a massive project to expand and upgrade an oil refinery--in Cartagena, Colombia.

Corpse smuggled into football match in Colombia

Alejandro Pérez and Tim Sturtridge The Independent 03/31/2011
Corpse smuggled into football match in Colombia

Police officers were caught napping at a top flight clash in Colombia as fans managed to smuggle in a coffin containing a corpse.

Colombian military seizes 100-foot drug sub capable of holding 8 tons of cocaine (VIDEO)

The Colombian military has nabbed a sophisticated, 100-foot long submarine capable of transporting eight tons of cocaine to the coast of Mexico, authorities said Monday.

3 Colombian teens on Facebook hit list killed in past 10 days

Three teens who were on a 69-name hit list posted on Facebook have been killed in the past 10 days in a southwestern Colombian town, officials say.

Jet breaks apart during landing in Colombia

One passenger was killed after an airplane crashed in bad weather and broke apart while attempting to land early Monday on the island of San Andres, Colombia, officials said.

Iraq has top terror risk, Thai danger up: ranking

William Maclean Reuters 02/17/2010
Iraq has top terror risk, Thai danger up: ranking

Iraq is the country most at risk from terrorist attacks for the second straight year, according to a ranking by global analysts Maplecroft, while Thailand has joined the nine countries most in danger for the first time.

Colombian governor found with slashed throat

The kidnapped governor of a southern Colombian province has been found dead, hours after a massive military operation was launched to rescue him.

Colombia to Chavez: Maybe 'spy plane' was Santa

BOGOTA — Colombia's defense chief joked Monday that Venezuelan troops might have mistaken Santa's sleigh for a spy plane, dismissing accusations by President Hugo Chavez about drones flying over Venezuela.

Chavez: Venezuela to return ambassador to Colombia

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez said Saturday he's returning his ambassador to Colombia, moving to resolve rising diplomatic tensions after weapons sold to Venezuela were found in a rebel cache.

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