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44 nabbed in HK anti-smuggling raid

Independent Online 01/14/2012

Source: John Edwards has life-threatening heart condition

Bill Mears and Michael Martinez CNN 01/14/2012
44 nabbed in HK anti-smuggling raid

Forty-four people have been arrested in an operation targeting smugglers moving goods between Hong Kong and China, a news report said on Friday.

Source: John Edwards has life-threatening heart condition

A federal judge disclosed Friday that former presidential candidate John Edwards has a life-threatening heart condition, a court source confirmed to CNN.

Cops Believe North Carolina Inmate Hid 10-Inch Revolver In His Rectum. Luckily, It Was Unloaded.

A man arrested this week in North Carolina may have stashed a .38 barrel revolver in his rectum, according to police, who reported that the unloaded 10-inch weapon was not discovered until after the suspect had been booked into a cell in the county jail.

Hong Kong Deutsche Bank Manager Ma Sin-chi Charged for Taking HK$24.8 Million in Bribes

A senior executive of Deutsche Bank AG has been charged in Hong Kong with accepting bribes in return for giving advice on trading derivative warrants, the city's anti-graft watchdog said on Thursday.

NYC lawsuit: Diamond stolen in bold ‘07 London heist made its way to Hong Kong pawn shop

A big diamond snatched by Bentley-driving bandits in a brazen, $20 million London robbery has popped up in a Hong Kong pawn shop, says a jeweler who’s suing in New York to try to get it back.

Woman Jailed 10 Days For Having Messy Yard

A Mount Pleasant woman is serving 10 days in jail after failing to pay a $480 fine for having a messy yard.

10-year-old boy crashes father's $200000 Maserati in Hong Kong

Hong Kong police briefly detained a 10-year-old American boy who took his father's Maserati GranTurismo coupe out for a spin.

Woman Seeking Crack Cocaine Calls Police After Drug Dealer Sells Her Sugar Instead

Really, how many times do we have to say this? If your drug dealer shorts you, steals your money, or provides a substance other than the illegal one sought, do not call 911.

Triad gang smashed, 222 arrested in Hong Kong police operation

Hong Kong police have arrested 222 people and smashed a triad gang believed to be involved in illegal gambling, smuggling, drug trafficking and vice, police said Tuesday.

Hong Kong smugglers send millions of dollars of tobacco in mail

Smuggled tobacco worth about 3.5 million dollars destined for Britain by airmail was seized over the year-end holiday period, Hong Kong customs officers said Tuesday.

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