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Clinton to address trade and turmoil in Mexico

Chris Hawley USA Today 03/23/2009
Clinton to address trade and turmoil in Mexico

A maelstrom of drug-related violence. A brewing trade war. And a wheezing economy.

U.S. Gaza pledge depends on recognition of Israel

About $900 million pledged by the United States to the Palestinians will be withdrawn if the expected Palestinian Authority coalition government between Fatah and Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist, Western and Israeli diplomats said yesterday. During her visit to the region last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas against forming a coalition with Hamas that will not meet the expectations of the Quartet.

Hillary Clinton moves quickly on diplomatic fronts

Paul Richter Los Angeles Times 03/09/2009
Hillary Clinton moves quickly on diplomatic fronts

Geneva -- If anyone doubted that the "restart" button has been pushed on U.S. diplomacy, look no further than the T-shirt worn by a young gay rights advocate at a question-and-answer session in Belgium last week: "I [Heart] Hillary." "I must call on this young man," the new secretary of State said.

Clinton's caution in Israel has some Palestinians grumbling

On her first visit as secretary of state to the de facto Palestinian capital, Hillary Clinton publicly chided Israel on Wednesday for demolishing dozens of Arab homes in East Jerusalem, a move that's undermining anemic peace talks with the Palestinians.

Abbas to ask Clinton for help on settlement freeze

An aide to Mahmoud Abbas says the Palestinian president will ask U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to push Israel to freeze West Bank settlements and open Gaza's borders.

Top US officials dispatched to Syria as Clinton pursues Middle East peace on 'many fronts'

Hillary Clinton announced yesterday that Washington will send two senior officials to Syria for "preliminary conversations", in an apparent sign of a new softening of US policy.

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, is set to meet Israeli leaders in Jerusalem, with the shaky ceasefire in Gaza high on her agenda.

Clinton hints at Syria deal as part of Middle East peace push

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, began her first round of Middle East diplomacy yesterday by promising to pursue peace between Israel and the Arabs on "many fronts" as an international conference raised pledges of more than $4bn in aid to the Palestinians.

Israel to present Clinton with 'red lines' on talks with Iran

Israel plans to present U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a series of "red lines" it wants Washington to incorporate into its planned dialogue with Tehran about Iran's nuclear program.

Clinton to visit Mideast, reconnect with Europeans

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is using her second overseas trip as the nation's top diplomat to assess peace prospects in the Middle East, reconnect with European allies and remind her Russian counterpart that U.S. efforts to rebuild relations with Moscow has its limits.

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